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14 nov 2010, 01:45

hey guys. i was just thinking....people should listen to better music. there are tons of crappy rap and pop songs swarming the media these days. i wishwishwish so badly that movies, tv shows, iTunes, etc. would promote music that you know, doesn't suck.

here is some music that is awesome. you should check it out.

1. Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
I love them. The lead singer, Tracy Ann Campbell, has such a charming, sad, Scottish voice and it makes my heart cry. These are total rainy day songs and I lovelovelove it.
Favorite Song: James

2. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
Don't even try to compare #1 and #2 because they are nothing alike. I realize that this is a HUGE jump in genres but Crystal Castles is amazing. I love it because it's such heavy techno and you cannot, even if you try, understand what Alice Glass is saying. Looking up the lyrics for some of these songs (to see what people think she's singing) is quite hilarious.
Favorite Song: Untrust Us
tied with my other Favorite: Crimewave

3. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
Everyone loves Death Cab's newest albums, Narrow Stairs & Plans, but this is my personal favorite. These songs are sososo pretty. Just take a listen to my favorite track from this album and you'll see why. I need you so much closer is such a haunting line.
Favorite Song: Transatlanticism

4. DJ Tiësto - Kaleidoscope
Tiesto lays some sickkk beats and has some amazing people singing his songs. A few of those are: the ever-amazing Tegan & Sara, my favorite person ever Emily Haines (lead singer of Metric), and Kele Okereke (lead singer of Bloc Party).
Favorite Song: Escape Me (feat. CC Sheffield)

5. The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia
The Dresden Dolls are a duet comprised of Amanda Palmer (lead vocals and keyboards) and Brian Viglione (drums, guitar). Amanda Palmer is so mind-blowingly awesome. She sings about whatever she wants. She is so crass and crude but it makes me love her even more. She has more balls than any guy I've met and she is so cool it makes me jealous. She is so animated when she sings and I LOVE it. She sings about sex, orgasms, getting drunk, sex changes, murder, etc. So she's pretty rad.
Favorite Songs: Sex Changes
Dirty Business

6. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - From Below
I swear, there are more people in this band then in my family. Ed Sharpe's voice is not perfect, but it's so fitting. I've seen them live and I swear it's one huge happy family parading around on stage and singing.
Favorite Song: Home

7. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat
These three beautiful voices combined plus Jen's magic guitar is pure love. Did I mention she is Jake Gyllenhaal's favorite singer? Yeah...she is. Sosososo good.
Favorite Song: Happy

8. The Killers - Hot Fuss
The old Killers are 10000x better than the new Killers. I love every single song on this CD. You've probably heard at least one of these songs (maybe unknowingly) such as Mr. Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It, etc.
Favorite Song: All These Things That I've Done

9. Matt & Kim - Sidewalks AND Grand
I love both of these albums a whole lot. Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are such a good pair it's insane. If they got married I would be sosososo happy. His unique voice matched with her crazy drumming = <3. Sidewalks is their newest album (released November 2010) and Grand has their most popular song, Daylight, which you've probably heard on that Budweiser commercial. I have so many favorites, but I guess I'll have to pick one.
Favorite Song: Block After Block

10. Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Metric is literally my favorite band in the world. Yes, I like them more than the Beatles. I know every word to every one of their songs. This is my favorite album of theirs. What I like best about them is that all of their albums are different but equally amazing. Their first, "Grow Up and Blow Away", was a little bit jazzy and mellow. Their second, this album, is more rock and hardcore. Their most recent, Fantasies, is more popular than the rest and is kinda techno rock. I'm literally so psyched for their upcoming album, Up in Flames!!
Favorite Song: hard to choose, but this one: Combat Baby

11. The National - High Violet AND Boxer
Both of these albums have been so good. I saw The National live in August and they were amazing. Matt Berninger, the lead singer, has such a sweet serenading voice. At my concert, the lady standing in front of me yells, "I want to fuck all of you!!" and Matt smiles and says, "Thanks, you too!" All of the band members are amazing and talented. They have two sets of twins and then the lead singer. It's pretty legit.
Favorite Song: all of them. but i'll pick just one. or two. England and this one: Apartment Story oh! and this one. it's not from any of these albums. It's from a compilation album called Dark Was the Night. So Far Around the Bend

that's it! Thanks for reading! Listen to them, they are all pure awesome.


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