• Ketsa creates something magical

    4 sep 2012, 07:52

    Al Kemet – the Western interpretation of Egyptian magic, from which is drawn the word Alchemy, a mixture and blend of the familiar and the exotic, the known and the unknown, the comforting and the unsettling, disparate elements fused together to create something new and unique, far greater than the sum of its parts. Al Kemet is the debut release from London musician Dominic Giam under his Ketsa moniker on the international net label, Invisible Agent.


    Meditative yet energising

    Down-tempo yet exuberant, meditative yet energising, hypnotic yet startling, Al Kemet is the soundtrack of an imagined cosmopolitan existence where dividing lines are replaced by charcoal smudges and barriers dissolve like chalk drawings on a path washed away by a summer’s rain. From the album’s opening track Solution where glitchy London beats travel comfortably along with sweeping echoes of Eastern soundscapes, through to the jazzy breaks of Distillation with its playful piano work that turns inward and contemplative when accompanying the wrenching repeated mantra of Purification, from the squelchy bass and tabla slaps that knit together the altogether darker Calcination through to the clipped shuffle-echoes of dubstep that permeate much of the album, breaking free at last in a hidden track that bounces along at the end as a cheeky celebration of all that has come before, Al Kemet is a heady thaumaturgical blend that is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.
    Paintings by Dina Chhan, Cambodian artist, sculptor, painter.

    Fusion of live instrumentation

    Ketsa’s fusion of live instrumentation laid down over worked electronica has in the past echoed the dreamscapes of Boards of Canada and the glitch-hop of Prefuse 73, but here he creates something that he can definitively call his own, something that delivers new complexities with each listening and tells a different story every time. Accompanied by a series of 15 painted panels from the Cambodian artist Chhan Dina, one for each track, that capture the album’s sonic fusion of traditions in a synesthetic explosion of colour, Al Kemet is out now on Invisible Agent.
    About Ketsa

    Dominic Giam - KetsaLondon-based Dominic Giam is a veteran musician, DJ and producer, performing since 1997 under both his now retired ‘Shaolin’ alias and his current ‘Ketsa’ incarnation. Previous albums have been released by Soapsud City, End Daze Recordings and BFW, while his tracks have featured on numerous compilations including releases from Stutgartt’s Mutan Records and Primate Endangered Species. This is his first release with Invisible Agent.

  • Swarm Intelligence exclusive on Juno.

    19 sep 2011, 05:47

    Simon Hayes a.k.a Swarm Intelligence delivers a fusion of bass heavy Dubstep, driving Electro and distorted Techno. Exclusive to the Juno download store for the next few days. Be prepared.

  • Netlabel Techno - Warren Daly in the mix

    29 apr 2011, 02:52

    Another top notch Netlabel DJ mix from Warren Daly. Blending the finest funky 4/4, deep bass and spaced out highs all wrapped up in a smooth 1 hour mix.

    Remember, all the tracks are Netaudio and Creative commons. So be sure to share it with all your friends. If you like what you hear, check out the artists at their Netlabel homes below.


    20 apr 2011, 01:49

    Danseizure is able to find inspiration in just about anything, and his depth of understanding shines through in his sincere, meaningful LP. Each track is an evocative representation of a place or an idea, and his field recordings, original sounds and borrowed words augment his ideas.

    20 apr 2011, 01:49

    Danseizure is able to find inspiration in just about anything, and his depth of understanding shines through in his sincere, meaningful LP. Each track is an evocative representation of a place or an idea, and his field recordings, original sounds and borrowed words augment his ideas.
  • Ambient Podcast: ebauche has returned!

    29 mar 2011, 10:22

    Alex Leonard a.k.a ebauche serves up a brand spanking new DJ mix featuring top name producers of IDM, ambient and chill out. Relax and enjoy an hour of exquisite music sleekly blended for your aural pleasure.
  • Ambient Mix: Warren Daly – Netlabel Podcast

    11 feb 2011, 03:01


    Voyage to a tranquil haven on drifting clouds of sound, soothing ambient waves and layers of floating melodies. My latest excursion is mixed entirely using Netlabel and creative commons music.

    Please support these artists by attending their gigs, sharing links to their music and if you can, make a donation to help them continue. Enjoy the wonderful music and thanks again for listening. Please share this page with your friends:)


    1. Bing Satellites – Summer Night – BFW Recordings
    2. In Frame – Globus – 12Rec
    3. Phillip Wilkerson & Tange – Ege Denizi Part 2 - Earth Mantra Netlabel
    4. Maps & Diagrams – Last train home – Yuki Yaki
    5. Bing Satellites – Cascade Four (Piano & Horns) - BFW Recordings
    6. Lucette Bourdin & Darrell Burgan – Dhira – Earth Mantra Netlabel
    7. Alession Ballerini – Blanc - Zymogen
    8. Lucette Bourdin & Darrell Burgan – Sanatana - Earth Mantra Netlabel
    9. Bing Satellites – These eyes have opened for the first time - BFW Recordings
    10. Ambienteer – Barium falling - Ambienteer
    11. In Frame – Smolder - 12Rec
    12. Ambienteer - un coeur en hiver – Ambienteer
  • Electronica Netlabel Mix - Warren Daly - Free Download

    27 jan 2011, 02:17


    I’m kicking off 2011 with an all Netlabel mix! Yes, that’s right folks, 1 hour of netaudio bliss in this AgentCast. I can assure you, every beautiful piece of music in this mix is released free and is as high (or higher) quality as any commercial releases. If you don’t believe me, download the mix and have a listen. If you’re new to Netaudio, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Ambient Mix: Warren Daly - Invisible Agent Records - Agent Cast series

    17 dec 2010, 08:14


    It’s been a year since my last ambient AgentCast. This time I’ve wrapped up even more smoothly blended soundscapes from the finest producers in the world.

    Surf across collaborations of epic proportions and experience works of art from Robert Rich & Steve Roach or Gerhard Behles & Robert Henke. Be transported through time and space with beautiful music from Indian tabla master Qureshi Alla Rakha Khan. Alla Rakha was born in 1919 and became fascinated with the sound and rhythm of the tabla at the age of 12. Drifting across the globe and spanning decades in between, I chose the infamous Zakir Hussain to wind down the mix with more aural interpretations of the desert.

    Enjoy 75 minutes of chill-out bliss and thanks for listening.
  • Free download - Electro Missile: Warren Daly – Electro DJ Mix / AgentCast

    4 nov 2010, 07:48


    This heavy hitting mix consists of 17 electro tracks from 1980 to 2010. Featuring Afrika Bambaataa who ascended to godfather status with Planet Rock, the 82′ hip-hop classic which blended the beats of hip-hop with techno-pop futurism inspired by German pioneers Kraftwerk.

    It was difficult to single out a track by Keith Tenniswood, all of the tracks on his Booby Trap LP are just as wicked as they were in 2003. Ed DMX is still holding true with his signature pumping electro beats under the ‘Computor Rockers’ moniker. I had to include The Advent, who is still one of my biggest influences, I mixed every track from ‘Time Trap Technik’ until the grooves were no more. Cisco’s ‘Electra Fix’ is the kind of laser precision techno electro monster I’ll be listening to in 20 years time.

    It was an honour to include Ireland’s greatest export and electro mastermind ‘Decal’. He’s always been a great supporter and influence for Invisible Agent Records. We were delighted to have him release on 12″ for us with his ‘Look so fine’ EP which I’m keeping for another upcoming mix. Still on an I.A roll I enjoyed laying down Chymera’s 12″ on Invisible Agent entitled ‘icicle’ followed by Corrugated Tunnel’s ‘WestJam’. The mix is finally topped off by the true creators Kraftwerk. Feast your ears on this robotic funk assault.

    1. Old School Players – 120 BPM – DM Records
    2. Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (The Classic Mix)
    3. Radioactive Man – TwistyBoomklart – Rotters Golf Club
    4. Computor Rockers – Computor Shock (Vocal) – Breakin’ Records
    5. Buckfunk 3000 – Jump – Fuel Records (UK)
    6. Paul Blackford – Latitude (N-ter Remix) – Crobot Muzik
    7. Ellen Allien & Apparat – Do Not Break – BPitch Control
    8. Computor Rockers – Computor Rock – Breakin’ Records
    9. DJ godfather – Future shock
    10. Decal – Brightest Star – Satamile
    11. Kronos Device – Terminate the bass – Battle Trax
    12. Advent – Elektra Fix – Metalbox
    13. Aux 88 – xeo genetic (remix)
    14. Chymera – icicle – Invisible Agent Records
    15. Corrugated Tunnel – WestJam – Invisible Agent Records
    16. Japanese telecom – Beta capsule – International Deejay Gigolo Records
    17. Kraftwerk – Robotnik (Kling Klang Extended Mix) – Elektra