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  • Nixi_Joon

    There's someone in my head, but it's not me…(happy birthday!) ♛

    21 jun 07:32 Svara
  • panty_lies

    tell me everything about the sighting

    9 jun 03:28 Svara
  • Nixi_Joon

    New Pink Floyd music video:

    21 maj 03:45 Svara
  • Plydoh

    Listening now! I see you've been enjoying it. Awesome :)

    19 maj 06:42 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Haha, I never thought I'd see a Mac DeMarco-themed game. He's well on his way to becoming an indie rock icon, haha. Have you heard the new Horrors album? I only listened to it once so far but I thought it was pretty good!

    2 maj 13:19 Svara
  • Plydoh

    I guess i better steal Jessica Lea Mayfield haha

    17 apr 18:45 Svara
  • F_Ostinato

    You were right about the new Mary Onettes release. Very beautiful.

    11 mar 16:26 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Nice, man. I remember really liking the Mary Onettes, it's been a while since I last listened to them! Speaking of Wild Nothing, this is incredible

    10 mar 18:49 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Haha yeah I'm a soon to be computer engineer. This is just an internship so it's fine, really. Unemployment is a big problem here but luckily this field is still kind of surviving, haha. Man, working 12 hours per day is harsh. I've been working about half of that. You do deserve a vacation!

    27 feb 18:25 Svara
  • Nixi_Joon

    Check this guy out!

    27 feb 04:45 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    This is awesome.

    24 feb 20:15 Svara
  • NeonFlow


    24 feb 18:33 Svara
  • panty_lies


    23 feb 19:55 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Hey! Yeah I've listened to the new Mac DeMarco album and it's awesome (although the leak is missing track 4 haha). The new Real Estate and War on Drugs have leaked as well but I haven't checked those out yet. Maybe there'll be a new Wild Nothing album this year too. It's gonna be a good year, haha. How have you been, man? I started working last week, and it's been good so far. I don't earn much, but it's more than enough to cover my expenses and that's ok for now.

    23 feb 15:57 Svara
  • Plydoh

    New Heavenly Beat album! I'll leave it on dropbox

    23 jan 01:23 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Thanks! Oh, sorry to hear that, that sucks. At least you kept your job, despite all the negatives. I wish you all the best luck. I've never had to look for apartments but I can imagine how stressful it might be. I mean, I get stressed over the smallest of things, haha. I've caught a cold too. I fucking hate winter. I've heard about the polar vortex/freezing temperatures in the US a few days ago, has the weather gotten any better?

    21 jan 18:29 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Hey man. How've you been? Sorry for the late reply once again. I'm starting an internship in February, and depending on how it goes I might have the chance to continue working there as a researcher. Hopefully I also finish my master's degree in July. For now I'm just studying for my (last) finals, haha.

    13 jan 15:05 Svara
  • Nixi_Joon

    Frank Zappa & Pink Floyd:

    28 dec 2013 Svara
  • Nixi_Joon

    I like early songs of The Cure. They're not quite the classic Cure that we know.

    28 dec 2013 Svara
  • NeonFlow

    Dem plays! They're even worse than me, haha. Today was (probably) the last day in my life that I sat in a classroom as a student. It's really weird to think about. How are you man? Hope you have a great Christmas!

    21 dec 2013 Svara
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