• My love will never change for you<3

    2 nov 2011, 20:11

    I love you and always will. My love for you is unconditional and unvunerable. I need you every second, every minute, every hour, every mounth, every year for the rest of eternity<3 I honestly and truely do love you. Even more than I love myself. Which is exremely big. But the one thing I honestly want to do is spend forever and a day with you<3 I need you more than I need air and water to survive on. You are my entire world. I honestly have no idea why or where you've been all of my life. But to me, you're the only boy that has the key to my heart. You know everything about me and even if it's only been a few days that we've been talking, it seems like I've talked to you so much longer. I look forward to when you get your phone, because then we could actually talk. So you could hear my manly voice > . > But I'm still trying to get over everything. I just need you to promise me that you won't leave me broken like every other guy has in the past. That you will actually love me for who I am and not anyboy else. I need to know that you will be my shoulder to cry on every time something goes horrible wrong. I just want you to love me and be there for me when I need you most. You can probably say that you will, but I no longer go by word of mouth. My trust has been horrible. Especially with the males. You'll need to prove it to me. I honestly love you<3 More than I need air and water to survive. I would gladly do anything just to be with you. I love you x3
  • Bands I've Seen Live

    6 feb 2011, 19:45

    Since people keep on asking me who I saw live... i just said "FUCK IT!!" and write a journal thingy on it >.<'

    Bring Me The Horizon [x5]
    Asking Alexandria [x4]
    Black Veil Brides [x4]
    Panic! At The Disco [x3]
    You Me At Six [x3]
    A Day To Remember [x4]
    Emmure [x2]
    Four Letter Lie [x3]
    nevershout!never [x6]
    Secondhand Serenade [x2]
    All Time Low [x5]
    Owl City [x3]
    Eyes Set To Kill [x3]
    My Chemical Romance [x4]
    Miss May I [x3]
    Of Mice And Men [x2]
    All American Rejects [x2]
    Taking Back Sunday [x3]
    Breaking Benjamin [x7 ("Mom" knows Ben)]
    3O Seconds To Mars [x2]
    We The Kings [x3]
    Fall Out Boy [x2]
    Kill Paradise [x5]
    The Academy Is... [x2]
    Alesana [x3]
    brokeNCYDE [x4]
    Bullet For My Valentine
    Cute Is What We Aim For [x2]
    The Devil Wears Prada [x3]
    Drop Dead, Gorgeous [x2]
    Forever The Sickest Kids [x4]
    Hollywood Undead [x4]
    I Set My Freinds on Fire [x5]
    The Maine [x2]
    The Ready Set [x3]
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [x2]
    Silverstein [x6]
    The Summer Set [x2]

    And many more to come :D