• Gnarls Barkley owns me

    8 jul 2006, 00:18

    Approximately two weeks ago I discovered Gnarls Barkley while driving in a friends car. I'd been hearing buzz about these guys on digg due to their mtv performance. I'd ignored it however, mainly because of their retarded name. I thought it was charles barkley trying to reclaim some of his lost fame... or some new group trying to garner their 2 seconds of it.
    I finally broke down however after hearing "Crazy" on the radio and checked out the MTV performance. It was live and it rocked. So this proved one thing, "they" could sing. OK, two things. They could sing and they sounded good. Wait, actually three things: they could sing, sounded good, and were likeable - by me.
    So next I did what any music lover after being introduced to new music would do. I went and got the album... from the internet. You never know, Crazy could've been the sole shining star on their album so I had to "try" before I decided to "buy". Yes, torrent sites rock. After hearing the whole album I went out to Strawberries to get the album.
    I've been playing it everyday since and haven't gotten sick of it yet. Somehow, I don't think I ever will.
    In conclusion, Gnarls Barkley rocks. listen to 'em, love 'em, ipso facto buy 'em