• Shawn Chrystopher...??

    14 jan 2012, 20:23

    My music taste has changed quite a lot since my last blog on last.fm. I've began to fall in love with rap and hip-hop music more and more over the last few years. One person in particular for me who has stood out was Kid Cudi. After hearing the mixtape a KiD named CuDi I instantly fell in love with his lyricism and honesty on his records.

    The production on that mixtape was phenomenal in itself too. Since that mixtape i've come across a lot of other artists who I have grown to love also, but only recently I came across a new artist who I personally think is going to hit the charts hard over the next 18 months. His name is Shawn Chrystopher.

    I downloaded only one of his mixtapes, Silent Films for the Blind and it is a fantastic effort in my opinion. It just brought me back to that day i first listened to 'A Kid Named Cudi'. Again I think that the album is very raw, honest, and timed quite well throughout.

    The standout tracks for me were:

    Name On My Heart
    Champion (feat. Mann & Ashley)

    As far as I know he's got 4 or 5 other mixtapes floating around online, which i'm sure are probably just as brilliant as 'Silent Films for the Blind'.

    Im just interested to see what the opinion is about this guy!!

    Tell me what you think!

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  • The Saturdays At OXEGEN FESTIVAL 2009!

    14 jul 2009, 13:52

    The Saturdays performed their very first festival show last Saturday at the Oxegen Festival in Ireland. They were undoubtedly the surprise act of the whole weekend when 14000 fans packed out the Heineken Green Spheres Tent to watch the 5 girls perform their set. It seems as though the girls would have drawn an even bigger crowd had their been room as they had to eventually close all entrances to the tent in a bid to stop overcrowding which led to some people being forced to listen from outside.

    The girls performed a fantastic set which included the hit singles, Up, Issues, Work, and Just Can't Get Enough as well as a few album tracks. They even managed to squeeze in a melody of the most popular songs from the past 12 months as well as a new song they have been working on called 'One Shot'.


    The Girls album 'Chasing Lights' is available to purchase on:


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  • Chasing Lights!!!!!!!!!!!

    24 okt 2008, 21:34

    I bought The Saturdays debut album 'Chasing Lights' today, and all I can say is 'Woah!'.

    Every single song on the album is fantastic. An album full of electro-pop gems, each of which would be a secure choice as a third single. Every song has a catchy hook, with rememberable chorus's, which is exactly what you want on a pop album.

    Highlights of the album would definitly be:

    Work (10/10)
    Set Me Off (10/10)
    Keep Her (10/10)
    If This Is Love (10/10)
    Up (10/10)

    Anyone who likes The Saturdays even just a tiny little bit, buy this album because you will love it. Anyone who likes the new direction Christina Aguilera is going, you will love this album, and anyone who loves absolutely brilliant pop music, buy this album.

    'Chasing Lights' is in my opinion the best album I have purchased this year, and I have bought a lot of cd's this year, lol!

    The album is OUT NOW in Ireland,
    and will be released Next MONDAY 27th OCTOBER in the UK.

    The Saturdays
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  • Chris Brown's Irish Success!!

    5 jul 2008, 16:07

    The last 12 Months have no doubt been the most successful of Chris's career. From 3 Top 10 Hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, to various other successful chart positions around the world.

    However, Chris Brown's popularity has grown imensely in Ireland over the last 12 Months. It didn't start off all that good though. Both 'Wall To Wall' and 'Kiss Kiss' failed to make a huge impact on the Irish Singles Chart peaking outside the top 30, therefore leaving his album 'Exclusive' to stall outside the top 70. This lead me to think Brown didn't have a huge following in Ireland, but I was proved wrong only weeks later.

    Brown's third single 'With You' was released in March of this year, and the Stargate produced song debuted at no.15 and later peaked at no.3, staying inside the top 10 for over 10 weeks. This helped to re-establish a firm fanbase of within Ireland, and also helped his 2nd studio album 'Exclusive' to re-enter the albums chart at no.11.

    The album floated within the top 20 for a few weeks, later dropping back outside the top 50. However, all was not lost for Brown as he released his fourth single 'Forever'. The song gained massive airplay accross Irish radio stations, with the video on heavy rotation on all the popular music channels.

    'Forever' debuted at no.1 on its release. Although on its second week it fell to no.2, it managed to regain its position at no.1 in its third week. This was Brown's first Irish no.1 Single, and the huge popularity of the song has helped the album 'Exclusive' to climb the charts once again to no.2. It is now evident that Chris Brown has a huge fanbase within Ireland. Hopefully, the album will manage to claim the no.1 spot next week.

    You can purchase Chris Brown's single 'Forever' at your local CD Store, or online at various legal download sites like :

    7Digital Ireland
    Amazon US

    You can also purchase the album 'Exclusive' at your local CD Store, or online at various legal download sites and stores like :

    CD Wow Ireland
    CD Wow Worldwide
    Amazon US
    Amazon UK

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  • The Saturdays!! Will They Or Won't They???

    3 jul 2008, 18:00

    Ok, so they're already starting to cook up quite a storm across the UK and Ireland, but will The Saturdays live up to the hype?

    Their leading debut single 'If This Is Love' is one of the best pop songs i've heard over the last 12 months, and I think the reason is because it doesn't have Timbaland style beats that so many artists have or have tried to replicate. Being one one of the first acts to release an alternative to the pop/rnb genre is going to give them a hige boost in my opinion.

    So far The Saturdays have received generally positive reviews, even by American blogger Perez Hilton, who we all know is fairly hard to please. The 5 girls are exactly what the charts need at the moment, and their single 'If This Is Love' has no.1 written all over it.

    Also, being the supporting act for Girls Aloud on their 'Tangled Up Tour' has also helped create a steady fanbase, who will hopefully follow and support The Saturdays in every way.

    I am putting my money on their debut single 'If This Is Love' to debut at no.1 on release. Hopefully the album will live up to the quality of 'If This Is Love' and be a major success.


    If This Is Love

    Ireland - 25th July
    UK - 28th July

    No date has been officially confirmed for the album release but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

    Visit Their Website HERE

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  • Estelle Is Back!!

    6 mar 2008, 15:04

    After her brief chart success back in 2004 with her singles '1980' and 'Free', and her Top 40 critically acclaimed album 'the 18th day', Estelle is back and better then ever before!

    After appearing in John Legend's music video for 'Save Room' she befriended the majorly successful artist, and was signed to his record label, through Atlantic Records.

    Estelle began work on her 2nd studio album in late 2006 and has been working on it since. The album which is tipped to be one of the biggest R&B records of the year has production credits from Huge Producers such as will.i.am , John Legend & Mark Ronson alongside collaborations with Kanye West and Kardinal Offishall.

    The first single to be released off the new album is American Boy ft.Kanye West. The video has been gaining massive amounts of play on UK & Ireland music channels such as MTV Base, Bubble Hits, & Kiss, as well as being put on top playlists around the 2 countries.

    The single 'American Boy' which actually features the same beat as will.i.am's song Impatient from his album 'Songs About Girls', will be released on the following dates in the UK & Ireland :

    Republic Of Ireland -

    Download - Friday March 14th
    Physical - Friday March 21st

    United Kingdom -

    Download - Monday March 17th
    Physical - Monday March 24th

    The Album 'Shine' Will Be Released On The Following Dates :

    Republic Of Ireland - Friday May 3rd
    United Kingdom - Monday May 6th

    Kanye West
    Kardinal Offishall
    John Legend
  • Her Name Is Nicole!

    28 feb 2008, 20:01

    Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love

    Brilliant song, amazing production both vocally and musically. However, had a shockingly poor chart performance.

    Due to the poor chart performance of both 'Whatever U Like' & 'Baby Love', Nicole's Debut album has been put back yet again, until June this year. Nicole has stated that "If the album is not released in June, it won't be released at all". The album recently underwent some track changes, substituting two songs to make way for one more upbeat song, and new single 'Puakenikini' produced by Akon.

    Although the song is quite good, I can't see it having a huge impact on the charts. It lacks production, and has no real vocal empowerment that we all know Nicole is capable of.

    Even other songs on the album produced by super-producer Nate 'danja' Hills seem bland. They sound like reject songs from Britney's Blackout album, which is dissapointing.

    I love Nicole Scherzinger, but I think she went solo way too soon and it's after biting her in the ass. She should have at least waited until after the release of the 2nd PCD album.

    Nicole has a lot of potential to become a majorly successful solo artist, and is filled with determination to do so. I don't think this is the end of Nicole as a solo artist. I can definately see a future for her as a solo superstar.

    Nicole Scherzinger
    The Pussycat Dolls
    Melody Thornton
  • Sunshyne!!!

    26 jan 2008, 12:52

    I recently discovered a new British Girl Group called Sunshyne, and because they were so unbelievable, I decided they deserved a journal entry for everyone to see.

    The band consists of four girls, Tanya & Tisha (former members of 'The 411'), and Steph and Nuala.

    They have numerous songs you can listen to on there MySpace Page

    I personally believe that this group has the potential to be very successful, and I can see them doing very well in the UK & Ireland, & Europe. However, I can't see them storming up the charts in the US, but I could see them achieving a top 70 album, and maybe 1 relatively successful single over there.

    I'm rarely wrong about these things, and I don't ever get this excited about new groups. I just hope they have proper management and a good team looking after them, because it would be such a shame to see them fail. After all, with Girls Aloud parting ways, there's an opening for a new Girl Group for us all to love, and I think Sunshyne are worthy of taking their place.

    2008 will see Sunshyne touring the UK, and preparing their debut album. I'd love a Summer release, in saying that though, I don't want the Record Label to rush out the album if it's not finished properly.

    Anyway, Look Out for this group this year, they're my No.1 Pick for 2008.

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  • Best Albums Of 2007....So Far!!!

    24 nov 2007, 12:58

    Here's a list of albums that I think are worthy of being called The Best Albums Of 2007!!

    Britney Spears - Blackout
    Leona Lewis - Spirit
    Amerie - Because I Love It
    Girls Aloud - Tangled Up
    50 Cent - Curtis
    Kanye West - Graduation
    Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad
    Beyoncé - B'Day Deluxe Edition
    Kate Nash - Made Of Bricks
    Sugababes - Change
    Kelly Rowland - Ms.Kelly
    Spice Girls - Greatest Hits
    Robyn - Robyn
    Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future
    Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
  • Spirit !!!! Best Album Of 2007?!?!?

    22 nov 2007, 22:41

    I got Leona's debut album 'Spirit' last Friday, and have listened to it intensively over the past week. I have decided that it definately is one of the best albums to be released this year.

    From the astonishing 'Bleeding Love' to the fantastic 'A Moment Like This', the album sounds of brilliance.

    Highlights of the album are:

    Bleeding Love 10/10
    Homeless 10/10
    Whatever It Takes 10/10
    Take A Bow 10/10
    Better In Time 10/10

    My advice to you, if you're not one of the like 400000 people who already have the album, definately go buy it.

    Leona Lewis