The Candra Compilation

A mix I that has been banging around in my head for a few years. Thought I would share it with you.

18 låtar
Night Music

Music for when you can't sleep at night and really don't want to.

19 låtar
Great Songs For Driving

The soundtrack for your journeys by car, wherever you’re headed—for the airport, for opportunities, or simply for the love of the road.

25 låtar
Tunes I Cruise To

A collection of song that I like to listen to while I drive around the countryside.

21 låtar
A New Age Dawns

A New Age Dawns is the collective title for a series of songs written and performed by the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. The first four installments were heavily influenced by the collapse of...

7 låtar
Progressive Jams

A compilation of songs from Progress Rock musicians

20 låtar
The Fear Series

The "Fear Series" is a set of four songs by the band Rush. The songs do not follow a set storyline. Instead, they deal with topics relating to the emotion of fear.

4 låtar
Metropolis Parts I & II

The story of a man named Nicholas and the discovery of his past life, which involves love, murder, and infidelity as Victoria Page.

12 låtar
The Embrace that Smothers

A collective title for a series of songs written largely by composer Mark Jansen and with help from Floor Jansen, Sander Gommans, Simone Simons, Ad Sluijter, Coen Janssen, and Yves Huts. The...

9 låtar