The Music of Grey's Anatomy, Season 6


24 sep 2009, 23:59

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The Music of Grey's Anatomy


  • Bayou16

    Been crazy when I've heard Lucy Schwartz in the epi! Wouaaaouh!

    25 sep 2009, 22:58
  • Bayou16

    Music on that epi was awesome, Ingrid M, The Gossip... perfect score! I bet GA will aired a song from the new TnS Sainthood ^^

    2 okt 2009, 18:06
  • hdsander

    Nice to find Katie Herzig on the soundtrack.

    9 okt 2009, 12:03
  • hdsander

    Greg Laswell's Your Ghost is awesome. :)

    16 okt 2009, 12:58
  • hdsander

    Desperately seeking: All thieves - We Will Be Dust

    23 okt 2009, 14:27
  • ismiksandra

    Hey everybody! hdsander, could you help me? What song is there at the end of the 5th episode (6 season) ? :)

    24 okt 2009, 14:37
  • hdsander

    I hope that helps: Greg Laswell - Your Ghost ([i]Richard has a big discussion with Izzie. Callie and her father reach an understanding.[/i] )

    24 okt 2009, 14:54
  • ismiksandra

    oh, thanks a lot! :)

    24 okt 2009, 15:01
  • Knirrie

    Stars of Track and Field! How cool is that :D :D

    14 nov 2009, 17:11
  • hdsander

    I'm confused!!! The Rescues point out that their song "All That I Want For Christmas (Is To Give My Love Away)" was on tonight's episode but ABC's list doesn't show it.

    20 nov 2009, 13:38
  • Knirrie

    Eeks Christmas songs already???

    23 nov 2009, 08:50
  • Knirrie

    Did anyone find the All Thieves song by any chance?

    23 nov 2009, 10:25
  • amandao

    Do you, by any chance, know where I can find A Magical Season by Tim Myers? I've scoured the internet, but I keep coming up empty!

    16 dec 2009, 02:28
  • hdsander

    The song still comes up as 'unknown track' on, if none of the millions users here didn't play the song there is very little chance to find it on the internet. :(

    16 dec 2009, 02:32
  • amandao

    That's kind of what I was thinking. It's just such a cute holiday song, and it doesn't seem to exist anywhere outside of Grey's Anatomy! There's no mention of it even on the artist's site. :(

    19 dec 2009, 08:29

    jesus... ALL THIEVES don't exist at all! I can't find it anywhere... damn damn damn!

    20 jan 2010, 21:14

    but, anyway, 6th season music is not so great. doesn't amaze me (except Ingrid, Ingrid's my best whore)

    20 jan 2010, 21:15
  • bali07

    OMG. Lissie is superb! My new fav' artist :)

    19 feb 2010, 23:46
  • hdsander

    Some songs of Lissie for free listening:

    19 feb 2010, 23:51
  • hdsander

    And a Daytrotter session for your pleasure:

    19 feb 2010, 23:53
  • bali07

    I know I found her a Daytrotter session and downloaded the tracks :) I didn't know that she was on sixtyone, that's awesome. Thx Dieter!

    20 feb 2010, 01:31
  • mortal-wombat

    oh hey.....can someone tell me which song it is in episode 16 when the boy with the lungs decides what he wants?

    9 mar 2010, 19:19
  • hdsander

    Maybe it's this: James Vincent McMorrow - "From The Woods!!" -- Teddy, Arizona, Cristina, and Lexie present the lungs idea to Elliot and Jill. Elliot agrees to the procedure. Mark yells at Alex. Callie gives Mark a pep talk. Charles and Alex beg Jackson to introduce them to Harper. Jackson and Mer bond...

    9 mar 2010, 19:27
  • mortal-wombat

    omg...thank you!! i immediately fell in love with this song. thank you very much:)

    9 mar 2010, 19:36
  • jennmon

    Hey guys. Same episode "Perfect Little Accident." Anyone know the song playing during the lung surgery? Lyrics are "feels like we knew it all along... looks like we're gonna die young." If anyone knows, I'd really appreciate it!

    10 mar 2010, 08:27
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