top 15 things


4 aug 2007, 20:05

1. The Wrens
First Song Heard: The House That Guilt Built
Fell in Love with: She Sends Kisses
Current Favorite: The entire "The Meadowlands" album

2. of Montreal
First Song Heard: Doing Nothing
Fell in Love with: Disconnect the Dots
Current Favorite: Cato As A Pun

3. Built to Spill
First Song Heard: Randy Described Eternity
Fell in Love with: I Would Hurt a Fly
Current Favorite: Saturday

4. Elliott Smith
First Song Heard: Sweet Adeline
Fell in Love with: Waltz #2
Current Favorite: High Times

5. The Mars Volta
First Song Heard: Inertiatic ESP
Fell in Love with: Inertiatic ESP
Current Favorite: back to Cicatriz ESP

6. Death Cab for Cutie
First Song Heard: Title Track
Fell in Love with: Transatlanticism
Current Favorite: Marching Bands of Manhattan

7. The Decemberists
First Song Heard: Leslie Anne Levine
Fell in Love with: Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
Current Favorite: basically the Castaways and Cutouts still

8. Animal Collective
First Song Heard: Hey Light
Fell in Love with: Leaf House
Current Favorite: Fireworks

9. M83
First Song Heard: 0078h
Fell in Love with: 0078h
Current Favorite: Facing That

10. Phoenix
First Song Heard: Too Young
Fell in Love with: Too Young
Current Favorite: One Time Too Many

11. Broken Social Scene
First Song Heard: Kc Accidental
Fell in Love with: Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Current Favorite: Guilty Cubicles

12. The Album Leaf
First Song Heard: Window
Fell in Love with: Over The Pond
Current Favorite: fear of flying

13. Interpol
First Song Heard: Untitled
Fell in Love with: NYC
Current Favorite: back to NYC

14. Nine Inch Nails
First Song Heard: Head Like a Hole
Fell in Love with: Head Like a Hole
Current Favorite: The Day the World Went Away

First Song Heard: Dry Clothes
Fell in Love with: Complete or Completing
Current Favorite: Brother


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