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  • ratboycom

    Yo! I'm visiting the US for Christmas this year. Some time among the holidays if you are free we should hang out!

    26 nov 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Yeah I do, but I hardly use it to post stuff, I just don't have much to say I spose. Its sabotenfighter.tumblr.com

    9 jul 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Hmm, an English blog about hikikomori sounds interesting. Do you have a Tumblr? Sorry it took so damn long to reply, the last week and a half I had to work til 11:30 every night.

    7 jul 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    You should get back into sewing! As for the blog, any ideas as to what you would want to write about? Like even just loose ideas? Yeah, Japanese company policy, any time you gather outside of work, everyone must drink to the point of coma. God forbid people have a sober conversation outside of the office!

    23 jun 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Yeah, my company had its 50th anniversary party down there so all employees got a free 3 day trip. Didn't drink a whole lot of awamori as I dont really like it, but I did drink a couple bottles of champagne and the minifridge in my room was loaded with beer. We were encouraged to drink the fridge dry and then some. The weather on the first day was perfect, awesome sunset on the beach. The second day a storm hit in the morning to mid day, but cleared up by the time we had a party. That night I ended up playing cards in my boss' room and smackin around a couple guys who were coming on to my secretary and making her uncomfortable. So are you working or doing anything special in Spo now? Go to any shows lately?

    21 jun 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Yeah, shitty thing about getting older, birthdays just don't compare/matter anymore. I've been doin ok. Had a two month period of over 50 hours of overtime per month, but things have cooled down at work since then. Went to Okinawa on a company trip. Had fun, threw up on a boat while fishing (WOOO!) and was encouraged to drink pretty much the whole time I was there. Kinda rough. OH! I got an old vespa ET3 like I wanted, but I still dont have my license. Still jumping through hoops for the damn gov here, I should be able to pass my car license test on the next try, then I just gotta do the bike one. How you been doin?

    20 jun 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Hey, sorry I'm like a week late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Did you do anything fun?

    19 jun 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Yeah, i need to cut back a bit on the boozin for a couple months. I wanna buy a old Vespa and build it up for spring/summer. If I cut out insane drunken nights from my budget I could get one and all the parts I want in probably a couple months. This city is really... uhh... not Tokyo...

    4 feb 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Awww, I dont wanna hear that Christine. (Alternatively, I could tell you to get your ass in gear. Your choice;) ) Well, my Christmas was quite fun, had a big party at my place with a ton of food and booze. I was so stuffed. Also I made some really strong eggnog that destroyed a couple Japanese dudes. NYE I went up to Tokyo with one of my friends from down here since she had never been there. That was fun, but on the actual holiday I kinda lost her in a bar and then went to a bar where I had no phone reception, then ended up kinda losing my mind and getting locked in a "room" with one of my college friends. My friend called me then and asked me "Where the fuck are you" and I had to get another friend to pick her up. I basically pissed off people that night. Next day a few of us went out hungover and had honey toast with my ex. No shrine this year, didnt have time sadly.

    2 feb 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    I just now saw your message. It was in December, so I think that is plenty close enough. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. First birthday in my new city. In September I started my new job down in Nagoya doing technical checks/translation stuff for Toyota (Toyota being my main client, I work for a different company). How have you been? How was Christmas/New Years?

    1 feb 2012 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Yeah, Goldenweek is always a blast. No work and usually warm weather for a week. Portland should be fun. My little brother lives down there, he said he will never move back to Spokane, hah! I don't blame him.

    21 jun 2011 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Im not too bad. Still looking for a job :( Robin came to Japan back in Golden Week. That was pretty fun. We partied for like 10 days straight. Exhausting. Had my grad ceremony a couple weeks ago. Twas fun, drank a beer out of my grad cap, just because I could. Hows life in Spokane?

    16 jun 2011 Svara
  • ratboycom

    Nah, no career in it really. Just having fun. This last gig was a runway deal for Es Mod, this big ass French fashion school. I have a kinda funky looking suit to wear on the runway. There is a chance I will be scouted at the show for serious work, but for now all I have done is the occasional CM/Print ad and a lot of street shots. You should get out more, dont be a shut in. Why not come visit your good friend in Japan? Eh? Eh?

    1 apr 2011 Svara

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→ REALLY need to reset my plays here, though I'm wary of using the Scrobbler program again. That gave me computer problems last time, I'm sure. ಠ_ಠ

→ Pretty much into Japanese pop and rock music with sprinklings of British, American, Chinese, and Korean to the side. I also love artists like Yamaoka Akira and Meguro Shoji, both videogame composers.

← DNW any idol groups/most Hallyu, kthx.

→ PLEASE. Friend preferably anywhere between medium to super.

→ My internal self 98% of the time, HURRR:

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