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The HellacoptersEnvious igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersHurtin' Time igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersI Wanna Touch igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersNo One's Gonna Do It for You igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersA Heart Without Home igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersTruckloads of Nothin' igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersNo Song Unheard Älskad låt igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersThrow Away Heroes igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersYou're Too Good (To Me Baby) igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersToys and Flavors igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersSometimes I Don't Know igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersBaby Borderline igår eftermiddag
The HellacoptersHopeless Case of a Kid in Denial igår eftermiddag
Neu!After Eight Igår 03:33
Neu!E-Musik Igår 03:23
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  • magnertales

    Hello, buddy! Meet the first song by Magner Tales — Carry War No More. «It was made to make us more Human».

    igår kväll Svara
  • theironictea

    Yeah, you're right. I despise covers that make no sense and are blatant copies. Even if you're covering the song to show respect to the original, you should make it different, otherwise there's no point, except to cash in. Almost everybody started with covers though, and so did the Beatles too, but they only picked songs that nobody had heard of and made them vastly different. I love every Beatle album, but my favorite is Abbey Road and then probably the White Album (I have listed these on my profile too!)

    25 aug 14:39 Svara
  • theironictea

    I made a typo in my last shout! I meant to say I like The Who's and Beatles' LATER stuff, not older stuff. I don't care much for their first albums compared to the later ones. I was writing on my phone, you see. And about those covers, in my opinion covers are meaningless unless it's a song almost nobody has heard, or if the version is completely different. For example Bowie's band's Tin Machine made a good version of Lennon's Working Class Hero, because it sounds nothing like the original.

    24 aug 09:19 Svara
  • theironictea

    Yeah I have listened to those albums a little. I have only had my last.fm for a year so I haven't scrobbled them. Great albums though! I haven't listened to Bowie's Pin Ups because my dad hates the album, lol. He got it as a kid and then only realized it was full of covers. Sorrow is a good version though, I have seen the original creators perform that one, The Merseybeats.I gotta give those Who covers a try then! I really like their older stuff better though, just like with The Beatles.

    22 aug 05:14 Svara
  • theironictea

    You have an amazing library of "The Who", I see your shouts in many of their songs.

    20 aug 17:24 Svara
  • theironictea

    Indeed! I have notices these references too. Also, Zero was called "Major Tom" in the Virtuous Mission. Did you know that Kojima originally wanted the ending song of MGS3 to be Bowie's "Space Oddity"? I think that would have fit the theme perfectly, but his team wanted to go with "Way to Fall", which was then used. Recently Kojima wanted originally to use Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" on the newest trailer of MGSV, but again his team wanted him to go with Mike Oldfield's "Nuclear". Even though I am a huge fan of Bowie it's great that they went with Oldfield, otherwise I would have never found this extraordinary song or album. I hope they use "Diamond Dogs" later in the game. It might not fit the theme perfectly, but that's what would make it memorable and great. Many great movies have used this gimmick. Here's a great page on Bowie and MGS: http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/David_Bowie

    15 aug 18:09 Svara
  • theironictea

    Cool take on the album. And about your avatar, I asked you about it because it like something from MGS. I'm a MGS fan myself, and I can't wait for the Phantom Pain. I heard Nuclear in the trailer for the first time too. Apparently Oldfield's fans are dissapointed by this new album, since it's very simple when compared to his old albums. I have heard his Tubular Bells, which many people consider as a masterpiece. Great to hear from another MGS fan :)

    13 aug 08:08 Svara
  • mariasauras

    Bien gracias :), apenas llevo dos días de clase y hasta ahorita todo bien jaja por fín llevo zoología que es a lo que me gustaría dedicarme :), a ti cómo te ha ido?

    12 aug 23:26 Svara
  • theironictea

    What's my favorite Bowie album? That is a very difficult question, many of them are excellent for entirely different reasons. My favorites would probably have to be "Ziggy Stardust" (Lady Stardust from that one is a masterpiece), "Hunky Dory", "Low" and "Scary Monsters", and with this list I feel bad because I'm excluding so many different perfect albums :D I have to start thinking about that question more deeply, lol. And I haven't listened to all of his albums. What'd you think of his newest "The Next Day"? I thought it was pretty solid, nothing too special though. "Valentine's Day" rocks. Who's the guy in your avatar by the way? Also, do you like Mike Oldfield's new album "Man on the Rocks"? I saw you've listened to it, I think it's a pretty good record.

    11 aug 13:42 Svara
  • theironictea

    You have incredible taste! Nice shouts on Bowie's "Lodger" album page.

    10 aug 17:18 Svara
  • mariasauras

    Hola! perdón por tardarme taaanto en responder pero estaba en vacaciones de verano :p cómo te ha ido? cómo te fue en fisicoquímica? yo la llevo este semestre :s bioquímica siempre si la pase jaja, está interesante la materia :) pero no es lo mio, tu cuando tienes vacaciones? a mi ya se me acabaron jaja :( saludos!

    10 aug 17:03 Svara
  • mariasauras

    jaja yo también extraño las vacaciones :p pero me faltan 3 meses para las de verano jeje. aquí también a veces hace mucho calor , pero el clima está muy loco hoy granizo :S jaja. Pues bioquímica se me está haciendo un poco complicado, la maestra pone los exámenes medio difíciles :( en el primero saque 6 y en el segundo 73 D: espero que en el tercero me vaya mejor. Eres muy valiente al estudiar bioquímica jaja creo que no es lo mío :p y que materias llevas este semestre?

    31 mar 04:12 Svara
  • mariasauras

    Hola! no te preocupes :D ah cierto se me olvida que por allá es verano jaja aquí apenas estamos empezando la primavera, y cómo te fue de vacaciones? ya regresaste a la escuela? pues me ha ido bien en la escuela, acabo de terminar exámenes al fin! jaja :D en todas las materias me ha ido bien solo estoy batallando con bioquímica jaja espero salir bien :P

    22 mar 00:03 Svara
  • mariasauras

    que bien que estás de vacaciones! :D cuando regresas a clases? yo he estado bien, pero ya regresé a la escuela jaja así que otra véz a estudiar :p

    9 feb 05:29 Svara
  • mariasauras

    Hola, ¿cómo has estado? :D

    26 jan 16:32 Svara
  • donkukis

    Buen comentario en la pagina de 'shine a light' de los stones, muy buena música también. Con mas tiempo voy a darme una vuelta por tus listas, saludos.

    23 nov 2013 Svara
  • Primus313

    No Problem! Extremly cool Avatar! :D

    23 nov 2013 Svara
  • Anastasiya1024

    Thanks for the add. Awesome taste ; )

    13 nov 2013 Svara
  • mariasauras

    jajaja sí! es lo único que nos falta! :D

    22 okt 2013 Svara
  • mariasauras

    jaja me paso lo mismo, si sabía lo de Roger Taylor, cada vez que me desanimo pienso en eso jajaja, así que aún tenemos posibilidades :D

    22 okt 2013 Svara
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