Top 10 of bands from Gothenburg.


4 jul 2008, 09:01

1. Mufflon 5
The most underrated band in the world. They could have been really big. I always wonder how they would have sounded with a great producer.
2. Union Carbide Productions
Classic band, but just not classic their material is still great. Listen to Golden Age and you will understand.
3. In Flames
Sweden's best metal band ever. (but I really do not like their productions there is too much treble)
4. Mary Beats Jane
Ahead of their time. Really liked their first album.Their second is ok to but too Tool influenced. With the singer from The Haunted.
5. The Plan
Their first album is really good. Fav track:Fell A Mile
6. The Haunted
I love the sound their guitars. Really brutal. Like they are playing on wire instead of strings. I would be great if In Flames could borrow some of their guitar sounds.
7. Her Majesty
Amazing stuff. Timo Räisänen is a brilliant guitarist.
8. Broder Daniel
I will just say Shoreline listen to that and you will understand. But their first album has not really survived the test of time.
9. Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Yes they are very good but somehow a bit overrated. IMHO of course. But great.
10. The Knife


  • Musihk

    Hmm.. how could you make a top ten list of Gothenburg without including Håkan Hellström? That's just awful..

    23 jan 2009, 17:44
  • frehal

    Håkan is not a band :)

    23 jan 2009, 17:45
  • Musihk

    I guess I'll just shamefully crawl back under the rock from which I came :P

    30 jan 2009, 19:25
  • Spawrt

    and Hellstrøm is not good :)

    12 mar 2009, 00:26
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