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15 jul 2006, 10:16

Well I've been out of commission in regards to not having the internet for ages so I figured I'd whip up a journal entry so I can blab on about what albums and eps have been getting severe rotation in my absence.

So first off I guess I should mention Further Seems Forever and their fine effort The Moon Is Down. I started this little thing where I put albums on my ipod that I don't listen to all that often, and this album grew on me to the point where I became rather obsessed with it. The first song to really hit me was the raw power of Monachetti. Then after that I discovered the awesome Snowbirds & Townies which received heavy rotation around the time I had a photo imaging project. I really wanted to use that song as background music for my presentation, but sadly it didn't quite fit! Still a great song. The whole album is an absolute cracker and if you don't have it then I think you should make the effort.

The Receiving End Of Sirens also got a bunch of listens. They came heavily recommended to me and so I gave them a decent thrashing, though nowhere near as much as FSF. A couple of songs really impressed me such as their single Planning A Prison Break and the underrated classic The Evidence.

Lately I've been all about the new Lostprophets album entitled Liberation Transmission. Another fine effort from the Welsh lads. Highlights include Everyday Combat, as well as A Town Called Hypocrisy and my personal favourite, Everybody's Screaming! Shame about the single Rooftops though.

That will do for now as this is slow as.



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