The Royal We


9 maj 2011, 16:30


this time more on time for this week’s

Last week in covers:

> Darren Hayes : an incredible artist that everybody should give a try. ^^
> Thirteen Senses : an awesome band that nobody should miss. ^^
> The Naked And Famous : this might be the next best thing. But that’s hard to say after just one album.
> Jack Savoretti : what happened to him? I’d love to hear more from him.
> John Mayer : oy, I hope this talent will get his things together and start being awesome again (but not because of gossip stories).
> Minnie Driver : I think her first album is better than the second one. ^^
> Jennifer Lopez : ok, I admit listening to her new stuff - and yes, it’s true. Those songs are hit-and-miss. Some are totally generic pop and some tunes are quite nice. :-P


Most played artists:
> The Script : Ooh, I recently found out that there were bonus tracks from their second album I didn’t know. So I guess, I took the chance to re-visit their songs.
> Céline Dion : I guess those ballads and mellow songs were needed last week because of busy phases. ^^
> Steve Jablonsky : Yesterday I was listening to the entire score of “Transformers” while writing my blog entry. So that’s that. ^^

Most played tracks:
> Tornado : Lovely development during the song.
> Here We Are : An all-time classic.
> The Royal We : A new classic. Better than I had in mind. I was listening to it several times last Friday.

Lady GaGa will soon release another track from her highly anticipated album “Born This Way” - the cover for the single is better than the actual album cover.
I bought my first concert ticket this year - it’s for The Sounds in June. ^^



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