elation station


7 okt 2006, 03:19

As it gets darker outside and exams are closing in, I thought I'd just collect a few of my favourite feel good tracks, or at least the ones I can remember right now :)

- Sheer crazyness, signed and delivered by Norman Cook.

Someone, Somewhere in Summertime
- It just sounds like summer, sun and fun, although with a slight melancholy side to it.

Elation Station
- Never fails to lift my mood.

Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car
- Grade A cheese. This is really just a sample of many similar songs that'll make me happy, if I'm so inclined.

High Life
- What can I say. It'll make me happy and my neighbours cranky.

Horse Pills
- Funny lyrics will get me every time.

Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
- Love the voice, love the lyrics. "And I might like you better if we fuck together!"

Wrap Her Up
- Used to have that album on vinyl at home. This track is the only one off of it I remember, and still like.

Lay All Your Love On Me
- Erasure's "Abbaesque" EP cracks me up every time. Seriously fun stuff.

Midnight Man
- You really can't disagree with that bassline. Another vinyl memory from back in the day.

- There isn't a single track in this world that spells "SUMMER" to me more than this one. Automatic happiness.

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
- Alright, I'll admit it. I thought Billy Ocean was about as cheesy as I got. I was wrong.

- Hallelujah!*

Second Rendez-Vous
- This track is larger than life.

All The Ducks
- All the ducks are swimming in the water!

Could Have Been a Saint
- I guess so...

It's a Crime
- Weirdo lyrics. Weirdo bassline. Love it.

- Never sounds bad, no matter what mood I'm in.

God Bless and Goodbye
- I don't really know why it always gets me in a good mood, but it does.

Well, this post is getting to be long, so I'll stop there. The only thing left to mention. When I'm REALLY down, there's only one remedy, usually. Suzanne Vega has never really been my favourite, but her music is usually pleasant enough. And unlike other music I listen to, Suzanne Vega seems to be pleasant no matter how rotten a mood I get into.

Oh well... that's a wrap.

(* Disclaimer: I'm not religious or anything)


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