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Brian EnoComplex Heaven 3 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyWelcome To The Hate Colony 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyPath Of Resistance 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyDialogue 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyInterlude 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyNothing Less 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyWhen Worlds Collide 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyDomain 8 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonySolitude 9 timmar sedan
The Hate ColonyRecheck 9 timmar sedan
HammerfallBushido Igår 07:58
t.A.T.u.Dangerous and Moving Igår 16:27
t.A.T.u.All About Us Igår 16:25
Alexander WyrdArcana opera Igår 16:21
ManualAwash Igår 16:16
Lanterns on the LakeNot Going Back To The Harbour - Dauwd Remix Igår 16:11
Boards of CanadaEverything You Do Is a Balloon Igår 16:04
Ray LaMontagneCan I Stay Igår 16:00
Iron & WineEach Coming Night Igår 15:57
Don HenleyDirty Laundry Igår 15:29
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  • WOArulesMetal

    +++ Enjoy your weekend +++ SAXON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibyp4S8suDY +++ StayHeavy - MIK

    16 maj 21:43 Svara
  • mmgar

    Welcome. Only now I thank for inviting. They at us are saying, better late than never. You have an interesting list, perhaps I will find something at you interesting. I am greeting.

    11 maj 12:18 Svara
  • WOArulesMetal

    +++ Wish you a super weekend... enjoy it! +++ WATAIN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAuz_tJMojc +++ provvedere - MIK

    7 mar 22:25 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    OH MY, totally forgot about that song! I'll give this in retourn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p0chD8U8fA !

    6 mar 20:21 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    Dude, everytime I visit a 80/90 pop-rock, dance, etc. artist on last.fm, you're always placed at the top 3 top listeners of all of my friends. i love it

    6 mar 16:12 Svara
  • PoisonArrows

    rick wakeman :P si ha fatto alcuni dischi solisti notevoli :)

    23 feb 23:44 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    My shelves are never filled. Do you "ship" to austria? lol

    22 jan 15:29 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    You guys sell CDs right?

    22 jan 12:08 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    Honestly dude, I was expecting some poorly produced amateur black metal sound justifing this shitty sound by being black metal, but dude.... This is incredibly awesome.

    21 jan 17:59 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    Better not talk about Dark Matter Dimensions... Giving your stuff a listen right now :)

    21 jan 17:48 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    Oh and thanks for the add, good sir!

    21 jan 16:00 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    Well, i have been listening to Take That lately, "The Flood" is pure metal amongst all these pop songs o: Indeed, I miss the Cristian Älvestam Scar Symmetry tho... They feel like a completely different band now, not saying they suck, it's really good stuff, but Älvestam Scar Symmetry has been way more atmospheric. ;___;

    21 jan 15:57 Svara
  • ShiftedBlack

    Oh fuck, the Ellie Goulding, I KNEW I WAS NOT ALONE!

    21 jan 13:24 Svara
  • marcelanickenig

    Thank you! Good library too :)

    17 jan 23:45 Svara
  • Metaalkop86

    Okay cool, thanks. I'm not registered, but I will do so now. I saw the site before though, just never knew it's promising :)

    15 jan 10:53 Svara
  • Metaalkop86

    I was wondering which one it was, but I must say that the Brazilian band is not bad haha. I checked the album of the Itallian band, but on LastFM it only shows the track list, so I still can't hear them. Is there a link where I can take a listen?

    15 jan 05:14 Svara
  • MadTinus

    Cool, I'm glad you like them. Be sure to check out their other albums as well. I.m.o. Emission Phase (the album you are listening to right now) is their least 'catchy' album. I recommend to check out their first 2 albums "An Epic Defiance" and "Portals to Uphobia". Personally I really like their last album "Reprisal" too, it's really brutal and aggressive. Haha, my brother hasn't done any session stuff yet, but who knows! ;)

    14 jan 13:26 Svara
  • Metaalkop86

    Awesome, you guys are good musicians from what I've heard in those two songs. If Mediafire gives problems, I will download it later or tonight. I don't have Spotify, for some reason it don't work in South Africa *sigh*

    14 jan 13:14 Svara
  • MadTinus

    No, I don't play any instrument myself. I only 'consume' music, I don't create it ;) Yeah I guess the Netherlands is mostly known for the female-fronted bands, Epica, Within Temptation, The Gathering, After Forever etc. The former bassist of Detonation now plays in Delain, another female-fronted band. You probably know Asphyx, Pestilence, Hail of Bullets, Legion of te Damned.. too. Hope you like Detonation, and I'm not saying this because my brother used tp play in the band, but I think they are a great and very under-appreciated band. I also dare say my brother is a pretty damn good drummer :)

    14 jan 13:10 Svara
  • MadTinus

    I understand, when you don't have a powerful record label backing you, it's hard to get a good sound etc. The music will definitely profit from good drums though. No, my brother doesn't play in a band anymore, he was a little fed up with the band business ;) He's now an independent 'sound designer' with his own company. He also still composes music and still plays drums.

    14 jan 12:52 Svara
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Luciano Ligabue - Urlando contro il cielo
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Toto - Hold the Line
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