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6 jan 2008, 20:59

Wir Handvoll beweisen es Woche fuer Woche fuer Woche. Die Schreibwuetigen und Schreibvollen und Schreibenden hier hoeren bewusst gute Musik, die sich abwendet von Charts (das sowieso) und erst recht von vermeintlich Abbtruennigem. Wir verteten kein Abseits des Mainstreams, wir schaffen eine wahrhaftig neue Kategorie, ohne abwertendes Laecheln. Gas, Finn., Felix Laband, Goldmund, Christopher Plunder und Max Waves sind wahllose Beispiele aus einer normalen Woche. Was besonders auffaellt - bei uns finden sich Radioheadd so gut wie nie.
Darauf ein Getraenk Deiner Wahl!
Und frohes neues!

The handful of us here prove it week after week after week. The writophiles and writers and writful listen to deliberately tasteful music, which turns away from charts (naturally) and, moreover, the allegedly renegade stuff. We don't represent an offside of mainstream, we create a truly new category, without a pejorative smile. Gas, Finn., Felix Laband,Goldmund, Christopher Plunder and Max Waves are random examples taken from a usual week. Partiularly noticeable is the almost absolute absence of Radiohead.
A drink of your choice to that!
Oh. Happy New Year!
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  • farangstar

    damn it. screw radiohead, screw them, good.

    10 jan 2008, 14:16
  • cihansondogac

    screw them ordentlich. thom yorke is like a pretentious smart-ass who always craves for more attention ^_^

    16 jan 2008, 13:55
  • farangstar

    i atually have nothing against thom yorke or radiohead - especially thom himself is an amazing artist. the problem i have has to do with listeners on this, their pretensions, and their annoying thing about labeling everything but madonna, britney spears etal. as indie. oh, you know what i mean. :)

    23 jan 2008, 16:07
  • TheVent

    Das ist so auto-fascho, was du schreibst.

    24 jan 2008, 14:54
  • farangstar

    nein, das ist geschmack.

    29 jan 2008, 12:46
  • spagyricus

    ...are you referring to, exactly? [color=red]x [color=pink]polar bear [color=red]o[/color]

    29 jan 2008, 13:04
  • farangstar

    the members of this group.

    29 jan 2008, 14:30
  • cihansondogac

    i have something against thom yorke honestly. not against himself personally of course, i don't know him. but against his public persona and his creative side. i always thought that thom and björk are similar in the way that they are innovative, always seeking something interesting and introducing it to larger masses, yet remaining in mainstream. put it another way, discovering underground and converting it overground. but with her last work, volta, it seems to me that björk outdid thom and came up with something utterly tasteful, subtle and still accessible. whereas thom, take the remixes of eraser for instance, couldn't go beyond the limits of pitchfork kind of stylishness. i mean, the opener is burial remix. duh... radiohead's shallow, cynical anti-capitalist discourse, in ok computer for instance, was empathic and easy to identify with for teenagers like myself. but it couldn't survive the complex contemporary conjoncture and this caused them to get more and more melancholic and even sentimental i believe. i haven't listened to in rainbows yet, god knows if i ever will, but what they have been offering lately, including solo thom, is pure immature pessimism. i would just like to say: get over it! or grow up! to their face. and in opposition to radiohead what björk did (i dont't really know why i am constantly comparing them) is this brilliant, thrilling sort of terrorist anthem, namely declare independence in volta. it suggests action, not despair, without sounding phony or naive. and the non-standard mp3 sale strategy. ok, it's smart. but it is embarrassingly pretentious too. i mean of course radiohead could afford the risk if everybody downloaded the album and paid not even a penny. because they already made a hell load of money to get them through the rest of their life probably. but a newcomer artist, eventhough let's say he does exceptionally good music, cannot do it of course. so the idea is not pervasively applicable. like i said, it is clever but not revolutionary. it just helped the radiohead to be perceived as a bit more of a cult. and that was probably what thom wished that it may happen. so i don't have anything against the people who listen to radiohead or thom yorke or celine dion. it is just a matter of taste. what i prefer to comment on are the artist and his work.

    1 feb 2008, 17:19
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