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SuduayaChildren of the Sun 3 timmar sedan
SuduayaIdentity 3 timmar sedan
SuduayaChildren of the Moon 3 timmar sedan
SuduayaMatrimandir 3 timmar sedan
SuduayaSweet Insomnia 4 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodSpring Haze 4 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodDark Matter 4 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodThe Mind And Space 4 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodBipolar Universe 4 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodPolar Shift 4 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodSimplesmente 5 timmar sedan
Sergio WalgoodEl Ser Humano 5 timmar sedan
RoshamboWe Gag 5 timmar sedan
RoshamboKoalas 5 timmar sedan
IrukanjiOk, Now Come Back (Outro) 5 timmar sedan
GochEnviron 5 timmar sedan
KarashFrogs In The Swamp 5 timmar sedan
AblepsiaTaste Of Different Vibes 5 timmar sedan
FomenthCommunication Error 5 timmar sedan
IrukanjiElastique (Intro) 5 timmar sedan
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  • Tranceroute

    because it's broken. I have used it too, but stopped after it.

    17 jun 06:45 Svara
  • Tranceroute

    how are You buddy?:D Your weekly TOP8 looks completely not familiar to me. You should use Tag widget, try that, from my page.;)

    15 jun 12:54 Svara
  • Tranceroute


    15 jun 08:51 Svara
  • Ganjalover

    all is well,preparing for war ;) What about you7

    7 maj 21:46 Svara
  • WotansRevenge

    Huhu,I´m again ! The answer for your question is : Please go to the website of www.cyan-music.com and read the file about us ! Self explaining !.....But my special,secret and best advice is Jaja ! Her style is called space ambient ! Lg.Bernie ps.she is my goddess of this genre !

    30 apr 19:06 Svara
  • Tranceroute

    hehe I won't say like that, Geogaddi and The Campfire Headphase very similar and same brilliant. what I can't say about their last album. it was a bit disappointing for me.:-/

    30 apr 07:44 Svara
  • darkgnome

    It's religious as hell if you look at all these satanists making music.. Well that is a funny thing, you grow and find out more and there you have it. The spirit was always present, I always knew its existence although I tried to nail it down. I opened my heart and let Master Lucifer in and now I walk this path :)

    29 apr 06:00 Svara
  • TheComebackkit

    Long time indeed. I'm not as much on the internet as before, just facebook from time to time and last fm of course. I had good fun at UO, don't get me wrong, but it's not really my thing cyberspace. It's nice to meet people from all over the planet but it's too superficial and confusing at times for me, I like to meet people and talk to them face to face, get to know them better in real life... I'm old man... I know... haha... Anyway, always good to hear from an old friend. Take care!

    28 apr 18:14 Svara
  • WotansRevenge

    Hy my new musical friend ! 1.We can share very good music : www.ektoplazm.com 2. And here my favorite site : www.cyan-music.com ! 3.Thanks for adding me,have a great time and lg from Germany !

    27 apr 22:07 Svara
  • fosku

    Yes, I had over 100000 plays, but I reset it because I wanted the stats to reflect my current tastes more :)

    27 apr 19:41 Svara
  • darkgnome

    Closer to nature, pretty much in the middle of nowhere :3 I listen to mostly fitting religious music ;) Usually it tends to be black metal :D

    27 apr 14:08 Svara
  • darkgnome

    All good in the forest ;)

    27 apr 13:04 Svara
  • Tranceroute

    hard to say what kind of genre I enjoy a lot, I enjoy the music.:D I see a lot of great groups in Your profile, but tell me, how it could happen that You don't have here BoC's? shame on You!:D send dat shit right now in Your pm, You should listen and report me!:D

    27 apr 06:57 Svara
  • Tranceroute

    simply I do not understand sense to add friends and after do not communicate with them. it's nonsense! I heard there are in Your country government trying to do something right now. well, lets talk about music! in what kind of music do You interested right now? based on Your avatar, I'd say that You are fan of dance music honestly :p

    27 apr 04:57 Svara
  • Tranceroute


    26 apr 14:09 Svara
  • Rakoontay

    I see you also like Astronaut Ape, one of my favs.. and Man With No Name... yummy music!!!

    16 apr 11:52 Svara
  • Tranceroute

    hi there, thx for Your request and shout. hehe it's petition for young idiots that have hundreds of friends. glad to hear that You found my wall (About me) an interesting! did You knew that besides of music compatibility we have 5 common friends?:D You are second user from India in my friend list here.:p interesting events now happens in Your country, it's about crime - namely sexual violence...

    16 apr 05:10 Svara
  • Adaviri

    Oh yeah, I've been meaning to check him out for a long while now, thanks for reminding me. :) I think I have Dissolving Archetypes already somewhere, I'll have to give it a proper listen some time soon. Lots of people whose musical taste I appreciate have recommended him now!

    15 apr 15:43 Svara
  • Adaviri

    Hey there! I'm pretty good at the moment, enjoying the springtime. :) And you? Sure, of course you can recommend music to me, I'd be glad! Good new music is a priceless delight.

    15 apr 15:28 Svara
  • MarkyHbomb

    Yo Exotic248!! Thankx for the shout back ,& I would have to say that the term " Music Junkies" is a very fitting handle for us. & as for me ,I will be playing & making music till the day I die, because that is all that matters to me most these dayz!! It's the"Power of Music", that's what it's all about!!

    15 apr 14:08 Svara
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