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  • friday55

    That they are. What's the link between them? We've moved now and are without broadband until 28th April. Thank the maker for 3G.

    15 apr 15:27 Svara
  • friday55

    Good and yes. Speak later.

    11 apr 12:04 Svara
  • friday55

    BBC4's Synth Britannia is well worth a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69Wjc6QYuKI It's a few years old but a a great documentary about a period in music just beyond my memory.

    4 apr 22:47 Svara
  • friday55

    I am - Wednesday/Thursday might be best. It's a sign of busy lives when we have to plan phonecalls. As of tomorrow, the Turners enter the 'busy quarter' of 2014.

    31 mar 22:13 Svara
  • friday55

    You scrobble over the airwaves, right? I do it the old skool way with wires and it is spot on these days.

    29 mar 21:19 Svara
  • electrophile888

    This is the album: https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/venetian_snares/rossz_csillag_alatt_szuletett/. Sounds a bit Aphexy to me - with classical sections. I'll give Liars a go, but only on your say so.

    28 mar 18:31 Svara
  • friday55

    Mate, given that Liars' new album has everything in common with the one from 2 years ago that you like and nothing in common with the one from 8 years ago that you don't, you have to try it.

    27 mar 22:06 Svara
  • friday55

    What was the Venetian Snares album?

    26 mar 21:30 Svara
  • friday55

    I played a few tracks a few years ago and am just playing some now... thanks for reminding me! Good if a bit bizarre, as I remember.

    26 mar 16:25 Svara
  • friday55

    I haven't heard the Pye Corner collection you've been listening to, but everything else I've heard is good. Slots nicely between BOC and Ghost Box stuff like The Focus Group.

    19 mar 19:33 Svara
  • friday55

    It's a lot easier, isn't it? I will look because I'm too inquisitive. So, sadly, "the reveal" is no longer an event.

    18 mar 21:12 Svara
  • friday55

    Funny you should ask about 2014; this week has pretty much been the first week with any 'big' releases, with Wild Beasts and St. Vincent. Both of those sound good and I'm enjoying the Actress album. A slow burner, methinks. Before this week I think I'd played 2, maybe 3 new albums this year - and it's almost March. Pull your finger out, '14.

    27 feb 21:45 Svara
  • friday55

    Bizarre. 2 seconds after shouting you, I took a look at Pitchfork and saw this: http://pitchfork.com/news/53781-burial-posts-selfie-and-long-note-teasing-new-music He's unusually vocal of late... a pre-cursor to a busy year for the man?

    31 jan 17:30 Svara
  • friday55

    He's a genius. I haven't really given Rival Dealer much of a spin these last few weeks but I'm sure I will be getting back into it soon. Must give you a call soon - I noticed on the 'book that you've been having a tough few weeks, and we have news too.

    31 jan 17:28 Svara
  • friday55

    New iamamiwhoami is lovely: http://vimeo.com/84729778 I reckon if you drew a triangle with Fever Ray, Grimes and Goldfrapp at the corners, this lot would be somewhere in the middle.

    28 jan 21:27 Svara
  • friday55

    New Liars. Links at http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/music/4442007 Not listened yet but thought you might be interested.

    13 jan 21:59 Svara
  • friday55

    GMF was in my top 5. Still need to publish my lists on last.fm... slow this year. I love the lyrics and the guy has a beautiful voice. The lyrics and Grant's story make it a compelling listen. On other tunes, however, I find his bitterness and despair a bit too much; Why Don't You Love Me Anymore was a 2-star, I think. But then I gave GMF, Pale Green Ghosts, Black Belt and It Doesn't Matter To Him 5's. Great lyrics again on Black Belt and surprising electronics. ...and do you remember Ernest Borgnine?

    10 jan 21:11 Svara
  • friday55

    How are you getting on with Vile and Grant?

    8 jan 22:05 Svara
  • alin1

    Hi there. May I recommend you an excellent album? Check "Crystal World" by Marnie. This is the solo project of Ladytron's main singer, Helen Marnie.

    8 jan 20:59 Svara
  • friday55

    I'm vacillating between 2 albums for the #1 spot. Vacillating, I tell thee!

    28 dec 2013 Svara
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