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BonesGoldRope 2 timmar sedan
Enter ShikariLabyrinth 2 timmar sedan
Enter ShikariMothership 2 timmar sedan
HORSE the bandT.M.N.T. 2 timmar sedan
StitchesI'm Just A Gangsta 2 timmar sedan
My Morning JacketWordless Chorus igår eftermiddag
Body CountTalk Shit, Get Shot igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawDistress Signal igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawSoftspoken igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawTeen Rocket igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawSlow Come On igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawDivide igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawI Envy Your Apathy igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawNervous Kids igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawCharmer igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawHum igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawFrame You igår eftermiddag
Tigers JawCool igår eftermiddag
Joyce ManorHeated Swimming Pool igår eftermiddag
Joyce ManorCatalina Fight Song igår eftermiddag
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  • Jaayson

    Hey dude, good to hear from you! London's awesome, definitely made the right choice moving down here! Works ace, and settled in pretty quickly. Went to my first London gig last week to catch Roam, Light You Up and As It Is. Was sick! Hows things with you?

    Igår 09:22 Svara
  • Xodorovq

    http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Militant+Mind check this beatdown hardcore! thx!

    12 jul 18:42 Svara
  • blinkanutaya

    great library, dude :) i love your taste

    4 jul 21:46 Svara

    I was pretty sad about it

    30 jun 19:10 Svara

    Heart to Heart, Real Friends, The Word Alive, The Story So Far, This Wild Life, A Lot Like Birds, Secrets, The Summer Set, Issues, The Ghost Inside, and Volumes. I wanted to stay for Yellowcard but I couldn't. :((

    22 jun 23:14 Svara

    Yes I was. Did you see me?

    18 jun 21:43 Svara
  • Jaayson

    Aw nice one man, that sounds awesome! We saw the Neck Deep dudes after their set, really sound guys! Well I still work for HMV (the British music/dvd/games company) and I've been offered a job down in London to be manager of one of their customer service departments, so we'll see how it goes! Be a huge change from living in the Scottish countryside anyway!

    3 jun 11:35 Svara
  • Jaayson

    Haha, be decent to get a break though surely! And Seahaven will be sick. Not been up to too much myself buddy, just got back from Slam Dunk festival at the weekend though, damn it was amazing. Modern Baseball, Neck Deep, Real Friends, I Am The Avalanche and loads more, was awesome! And I've accepted a job offer down in London so i'm gonna be making the long journey down from Scotland to start life down there within the next month or so!

    26 maj 15:13 Svara
  • Jaayson

    hey bro! whats new, how've you been?

    21 maj 09:08 Svara
  • insidethelines

    ahhhh yes, it's just too relaxing! 8) I got back from school a couple weeks ago so I'm just trying to find some work for the summer! but now I have so much time to read and I'm very happy about that.

    20 maj 06:19 Svara
  • insidethelines

    hello friend, it sure has! how have you been?

    18 maj 05:28 Svara

    Likewise. 2 many artists in common!

    12 maj 06:17 Svara

    It really is going to be! And sweet dude!

    5 apr 15:09 Svara

    Well I'm seeing two of my favorite bands, The Amity Affliction and Secrets on the 12th!

    1 apr 21:40 Svara
  • Jaayson

    Aw sweet man, sounds decent. Enjoy! Yeah Slam Dunk is always sick, I've only went once before due to the travel but the lineup is amazing every year. Rumours are that The Wonder Years will be getting announced too as they're over in the UK with A Loss For Words and State Champs that month, and the other 2 bands have already been confirmed. Fingers crossed, i'd love to see those dudes.

    31 mar 15:34 Svara

    I guess so man. Going to any shows soon?

    29 mar 20:30 Svara
  • Jaayson

    Nice one man, where are you working now? Not an awful lot bro, same old as well pretty much. Booked my ticket to Slam Dunk festival the other day, finally gonna get the chance to see some of the smaller pop punk bands from America, like A Loss For Words, Real Friends, State Champs etc, can't wait! Loads more to be announced too so pretty sweet! Modern Baseball are playing as well, who I'm loving atm. You were right about the La Dispute album too...it's incredible!

    27 mar 12:55 Svara
  • Jaayson

    Hey man, hows things? I've checked out the Seahaven album already, very impressive! Fucking love it dude. Haven't had the chance yet for La Dispute's but I'll be all over that tomorrow I reckon, love those guys!

    25 mar 16:27 Svara

    Adding you again eh. I couldn't stand looking at cvnterparts anymore. eww.

    9 mar 23:22 Svara
  • Wuhdo

    Nice chart

    25 feb 17:29 Svara
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