27 sep 2009, 20:10

M.I.A. Hombre(2005)

from the album Arular

It goes: "my hips do the fix as they walk, yeah"

This was a late discovery for me. I had listened to Arular already, as most people did on 2005, but I wans't hooked. That year was a great year for the indie scene, and many artists were releasing albums that caught my ears more rapidly, putting aside the fact that for emotional reasons I was more into melancholic music around those days.

It was a few years later, in a party, that Hombre enchanted me. I love Kala and know almost by heart every song on it, but I hadn't gone back to Arular. When this song was played I could swear it was something new, fresh, recently done by Maya. I couldn't believed it had been released three or four years ago and I hadn't listened to it. It was such a great tune, I danced it and enjoyed it and then ran to my iPod and played endlessly for the next weeks.

Now I thank God I'm out of my depression and I promise, I will never neglect again a happy upbeat song and the power it can have on my soul.

If you like this, listen to: Sunshowers, Galang, Hustle, Wachadoin? by N.A.S.A., Sound of Kuduro by Buraka Som Sistema, Rain Dance by The Very Best


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