January 2012, I'll give you carpet burns


7 feb 2012, 14:01

Well, there was really only one album that ruled January 2012, and that was Svartir sandar by Sólstafir. From the opening icy blast that, in one note, conjures up simultaneous images of Fever Ray, early Cranes and This Mortal Coil's Filigree and Shadow, it's an album that really does defy categorisation... While it is a bit metal (for the uninitiated, that first vocal in Ljós í stormi will tear right through you) in places there are traces of Ride and Slowdive, in others Sigur Rós and Mono. Cock your ear in places and you might hear The God Machine, but there's SO much more to this album than echoes of my teenage record collection. On top of all this, you then get a proper widescreen epic closer, first in the title track prelude Svartir sandar, and then in the full-on closer Djákninn. I've actually postponed making up my 'best of 2011' album list because I have to get this in, most likely in the top 2.

Other January treats included newbie Ester by the lovingly-named Trailer Trash Traceys, not-so-newbie Black Rainbows by Brett Anderson and even less newbie John Grant's Queen Of Denmark. Chuck in Lana Del Rey's Born to Die and some older Grimes stuff like Darkbloom.

I'll have to wax lyrical/waffle on about them some other time though, all this grown up stuff is really getting in the way of my blogging right now...

For posterity, some albums...


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