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Lykke LiI Know Places Taggad februari 2013
Zach HillDizzy From the Twins Taggad februari 2013
CastanetsNo Voice Was Raised Taggad februari 2013
Karen ElsonThe Truth Is In The Dirt Taggad februari 2013
AtletAFe Taggad februari 2013
  Enuff Z'Nuff Taggad januari 2013
Lower DensTea Lights Taggad september 2012
BalthazarBlood Like Wine Taggad juli 2012
  Matthew Dear Taggad april 2011
  Lichens Taggad april 2011
MagnusSummer's Here Taggad november 2010
Honey is CoolOn The Beach Taggad november 2010
PlanningtorockLocal Foreigner Taggad oktober 2010
John VandersliceFetal Horses Taggad oktober 2010
Rachael YamagataI Want You Taggad september 2010
Dawn LandesLifeline - Dawn Landes Taggad augusti 2010
Epic45Summer's First Breath Taggad augusti 2010
The WhipTrash Taggad april 2010
Beach HouseSilver Soul Taggad april 2010
Dead Man RayBeegee Taggad mars 2010
Thin White RopeThing Taggad mars 2010
Howe GelbParadise Here Abouts Taggad mars 2010
Department of EaglesRomo-Goth Taggad mars 2010
Broken BellsThe High Road Taggad mars 2010
Zita SwoonEverything Is Not the Same Taggad mars 2010
The ThermalsI Might Need You To Kill Taggad mars 2010
MadvillainGreat Day (Four Tet remix) Älskad låt Taggad mars 2010
Bear in HeavenUltimate Satisfaction Taggad mars 2010
Sunset RubdownNightingale / December Song Taggad mars 2010
The Morning BendersPromises Taggad mars 2010
The RecordsGirls That Don't Exist Taggad mars 2010
Chris CacavasAngel Taggad mars 2010
Giant SandNYC Of Time Älskad låt Taggad mars 2010
QuasimotoCome On Feet Taggad mars 2010
Jonathan CoultonCreepy Doll Älskad låt Taggad mars 2010
To Blacken the PagesTrek In Taggad mars 2010
The Autumn DefenseWinterlight Taggad juli 2008
Roots ManuvaColossal Insight Taggad juli 2008
GledhillResurrect Me Taggad juli 2008
Fountains of WayneHackensack Taggad juli 2008
The Eighteenth Day of MaySir Casey Jones Älskad låt Taggad juli 2008