• Experimental but strange atmosphere

    13 mar 2007, 12:08

    Mon 12 Mar – Anna Ternheim, Oren Lavie
    A lot of people came to the Prime Club yesterday. I saw a crowd which was impatient (Oren Lavie had to play against ever-talking people) but nice to Anna and her band in the end. Anna Ternheim was kind of nervous although she had no reason to be (her voice was greater as ever!) and her band - well, they all had their specialities... :) All in black they seemed into their music but strange in a kind of way.
    The music was very experimental and some songs were played with more rocking vibes than on the albums. Some others came acousticly and broke the hearts of the visitors. All in all it was a good concert which still was a bit underarchieved in my opinion. But that may be a thing of expectation as well. :)
  • last show in Germany

    7 feb 2007, 10:14

    Wed 7 Feb – Ben Folds, Clem Snide

    Although Ben said he had been taking medecine to be able to play their last show in Germany, he seemed to be more than just in a good mood. The evening was filled with creativity, experiments and a show full of energy and fun. It was good to be there. And I think, we all had our fun that night.
  • I don't really know...

    10 aug 2005, 12:10

    ...what this is different from our forum, but what the hell! :) I don't wanne bore you guys by writing about my own life so I will keep that journal empty. But whoever wants to pour it out... Just do so ;)