• OS X Front Row

    28 feb 2008, 02:41

    So I've converted to OS X for my media centre... there was something dirty about using Linux, mostly the instability and ugliness. Anyway, nice to see that manages to feed the media centre played tracks into the db nicely :)

    also added my audio quilt thing on my facebook ~(eww)~
  • Merry Christmas

    28 dec 2005, 01:05

    The last few days have been a hell of a good time. Been drinking way too much, eating way too much and not getting nearly enough sleep. I feel totally exhausted now and I have to go to work for the next 3 days before I get any more time to relax. I really don't want to get as ill as I was before Christmas, otherwise New Years Eve will suck in a big big way :(
  • Nas - The Message

    21 dec 2005, 15:07

    This track officially kicks ass. Make sure you have a good sub if you want to listen to it loud, and live in an area where your neighbours don't get pissed at loud music. Best played loud.
  • London

    11 dec 2005, 23:12

    Wow. London kicked so much ass. Going back in March. I'm so exhausted right now. Got some CKY playing and chilling to the nice guitar patterns. Still a bit wasted from all that drinking too!
  • Hypnotize

    22 nov 2005, 00:08

    System Of A Down released their new album today. I didn't buy it, but I have listened to it. Although I loved their old album, Hypnotize didn't quite appeal to me in the same way. This could be because I was drunk a lot before (heh). However, I do like the track Hypnotize so much, you're likely to see it in my top tracks list within the next month or so.