all things annoying in the world put together into one stupid bitch amazing drummers american psycho atmospheric atmospheric black metal aussie metal avant-garde technical death metal awful band names bands i need to check out bear metal beardcore beautiful eyes black doom metal black metal black ritual ambient black-metal with the fire-speed of a mg42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery blackened thrash metal brutal death metal buttercore cagemetal cagecore tr00 hollywood black metal canadian death metal circus metal cool intro dark ambient dark circus death metal depressive black metal didgeridoo didjeridoo doom doom death doom metal drone dutch black metal experimental favorite album covers female-fronted metal folk metal french black metal funeral doom funeral doom metal fusion german black metal goatse great drumming green metal hallucinogenic hardcore i like your band name japanese jazz metal jazzy metal kill me now magic the gathering mammoth metal melodic death metal melodic goatse metal metal metalcore nagelfar near-flawless albums officially shit oppressive black metal orthodox black metal overplayed pagan black metal pagan metal polish post black post black metal post-black post-rock progressive progressive metal progressive rock progressive sludge psychadelic metal rabbitcore rain rapes my ears raw plant metal really fucked up relaxing ritual ambient satanic black metal sewer black metal sheep among wolves sludge strange and beautiful suicidal black metal technical death metal terrible the worst thing to ever happen to music throat singing true norwegian bear metal wastewater black metal watership down whalecore what metalcore is supposed to sound like worst band name ever