La-la-la-lame entry


13 mar 2009, 02:43

This is my first time.. I am going to lose my just right now. ready?

Well then, once upon a time.. no, I mean seriously, it was like two days ago (but I wasn't very onto writing anything in here especially in foreign language, which I can barely speak)
so.. I had that 'wondering thing' (I do not usually feel like this since I aint got that specific organ used for thinking. sometimes people tend to use it in a different ways, though) when I accidentally, thanks to my ipod's shuffling, discovered who is the undisputed la-la-la queen and I even got the arguments. But before - frankly - the first thing coming to my mind after seeing the lalala-label is obviously Can't Get You Out of My Head..
but have you noticed? lalala's are usually good, yet the most marvellous lalala is always performed by.. Goldfrapp, ALWAYS, I ensure you

umm, as the title says
Ooh La La
...i need ooh la la lala laa - this is twice as good as the rest as it is about me, oh well..
i cant comment on it, either you like it or you suck

lalalasex, period
lalalala oh yeah aaaaaaaaaaa
lovin the lyrics!

Horse Tears
this is creepy and dark, isnt it? i can see some deserted area while listening.. i can't recall where I've seen this scenery, but maybe it's just my imagination. and no im not a psycho (or at least that's what my mum keeps telling me..)
right.. happy songs for happy people, i guess that is why I like Horse Tears

this is actually all i wanted to.. not much but i guess enough for losing virginity
p34c3 & la la la looove

hope Alison doesnt fuckin hate me :3


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