• Playing catch up.

    17 nov 2008, 05:16

    Last entry was "Last great show I went to"--must update. Have been to many, many shows since that post. So follows the best of the best; the top shows I've seen in the past year:

    Nine Inch Nails, Wachovia Center. The only huge stadium show I have ever been to, and always expected them to be gigantic-ly garish, but Trent and Co. put on an amazing performance (remember last post, about performers really performing?). Great light/screen/computerized effects--my friend and I frequently found ourselves asking, how the hell are they DOING that?? And Trent's voice sounded surprisingly good (guess it wasn't affected by his recent beefiness). Overall a passionate performance by him, after all these years.

    Hot Chip, Starlight Ballroom and Trocadero. Both shows were completely mind-blowing. Well, perhaps SB show blew my mind a little harder, just cause it was the first time I'd seen Hot Chip live. And did they impress. Crowd went crazy at both venues, became an insane dance party, which just beats any rock show/crowd I've experienced this year. (Jumping and sweating around like a mad woman beats bobbing one's head any day.) Hot Chip puts effort in, you can tell from the details (big white balloons showering down from the balcony of the Troc during Ready for the Floor or funky drums as intro for Shake a Fist). See this band live, I'm telling you. Sorry but the albums pale in comparison to the live show (and the albums as you know are good, so that tells you something!).

    One note, did anyone else think that the SB show was much "electronic/distorted" than the Troc show? Troc show seemed like they were taking a more organic approach. The couple of new songs they played also seemed like they were taking that direction. I'm a little scared--I like them noisy and electronic!

    Clip from the show:
    Balloons towards the end!!

    One more thing, I saw Alexis walking through the lobby with food before the show, and he's SO SMALL AND CUTE!!! I wanted to squish him.
  • The last great show I went to.

    13 dec 2006, 23:53

    Jamie Lidell featuring Snax and Kid Koala. Whadda show.

    Anyone else catch them live? Snax, who I hadn't heard of before, impressed everyone. Loved the periodic change of clothes. I asked myself, why aren't more performers... well, performers?

    And then came Kid Koala. Came into it feeling lukewarm about him (had heard a couple of tracks from a Ninja Tune compilation), left dying to hear more. Or perhaps he's just that good live? Loved the glowsticking competition!

    Lastly, Jamie Lidell. Wow, what a voice... like butter. I was impressed. Especially since he looked like a unshaven, silk-robe-wearing drunk. He did some improvising with Snax, which I must ad-mid was the cutest thing ever!

    All this for $16? A steal...
  • "can't stop listening to..." of the week

    14 mar 2006, 19:32

    Have any of you checked out the Radio Mixes on DFA's website?
    They are okay. But in particular, I can't stop listening to James Murphy's little "mash up" of Everything In It's Right Place with all those great tribal-y beats in the background! Soo good. Admittedly, when I first heard it, thought it was out-of-place sounding. But now I'm hooked!

    All you Radioheads check it out, and tell me how you like it!
  • smells like gas, and should i get an ipod?

    26 nov 2005, 23:14

    this is unrelated to music, but it smells like gas in my apt and the gas man is supposed to come check it out but he's not here yet. what am i supposed to do in the meantime? i'm feeling lightheaded... erg.

    so should i get an ipod? i'm the third most indecisive person on the planet, so i need some help. a friend is offering to sell me her pink mini, but i dunno. plus it's pink! and normally that's not a dealbreaker, but it's an unattractive shade of pink, which kinda is. the nano (or "nah-no" as my sister says--come on, i'm a condensed matter physicist! i, of anyone, should know the correct pronounciation of "nano"!) is just too small, don't you think?

    don't ask why i have so much John Mayer this week.
  • anyone for lcd soundsystem & juan mclean?

    16 nov 2005, 02:48

    okay so I wanna check out the LCD Soundsystem and The Juan McLean show tomorrow night, but unfortunately once again I don't know anyone who likes either. or even dance music in general. come on, what do people have against dance music? enough of this organic, mopey indie rock stuff.

    it's fun! it's uplifting! yes, it can be cheesy, but who said cheesy is a bad thing? i heart cheesy!
  • great elliott smith song

    31 okt 2005, 22:49

    I'm loving the song Pitseleh. So bittersweet, it keels!!

    Or maybe it really isn't that sweet if you listen to it hard enough...
  • song I'm really into at the mo

    21 okt 2005, 22:42

    Actually there's two songs:

    (I totally couldn't get that part out of my head--"Call 1-800 Accept No Imitation, KMFDM, One World One Nation!". Didn't help that I was trying to take an exam at the time... failed, no joke)


    (just way too catchy)
  • yet another missed show

    19 okt 2005, 22:08

    Black Dice is in town tonight, playing at a church for only $10, but not only do I have no one to go with, I have too much work to do!!! :(