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31 dec 2007, 09:52

The Red Hot Jazz archive is an excellent web site where you can find information about jazz musicians from before 1930.

I've tried to mimic the list you can find here by creating connections to the artists on where available.


158th Infantry Band U.S. Army
Abe Lyman and His Orchestra
Abe Lyman's California Ambassador Hotel Orchestra
Abe Lyman's California Orchestra
Abe Small and His Melody Boys
Adolfo Carabelli Jazz Band
Adolfo R. Avilés Jazz Band
Adrian And His Tap Room Gang
Adrian Rollini And His Orchestra
Adrian Rollini Quintette
Adrian Rollini Trio
Adrian's Ramblers
Al Hammett and his Ambassadors' Orchestra
Al Siegel's Orchestra
Al Turks's Orchestra
Al Turks's Princess Orchestra
Albert E. Short's Tivoli Syncopators
Albert Wynn And His Gut Bucket Five
Alex Hill And His Orchestra
Alex Hill and his Sepians
Alex Hyde and his New York Orchestra
Alex Hyde's Original New Yorker Jazz Band
Alex Jackson's Plantation Orchestra
All Star Trio
All Star Trio and Their Orchestra
Alphonso Trent And His Orchestra
Ambrose and His Orchestra
Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
Andy Preer And The Cotton Club Orchestra
Andy Tipaldi And His Orchestra
Anthony Parenti's Famous Melody Boys
Anton Lada's Louisiana Ladds
Arcadia Peacock Orchestra Of St. Louis
Arcadian Serenaders
Arcadians Dance Orchestra
Arkansas Travelers
Armani-Cóspito Jazz Band
Arnold Frank and His Roger's Cafe Orchestra
Arnold Johnson Orchestra
Art Hickman and His Orchestra
Art Hickman's New York London Five
Art Kahn and His Orchestra
Art Landry and his Call of the North Orchestra
Art Landry and His Orchestra
Arthur Briggs' Savoy Syncopators Orchestra
Arthur Gibbs and His Gang
Arthur Sims Creole Roof Orchestra
Austin and His Musical Ambassadors


Baby Dodds Jazz Four
Bailey's Dixie Dudes
Bailey's Lucky Seven
Bal Tabarin Jazz Orchestra
Ban-Joe Wallace's Orchestra
Barbecue Joe And His Hot Dogs
Barney Bigard And His Jazzopators
Barney Bigard and His Orchestra
Barney Bigard Sextet
Barney Zeeman's Kentucky Kardinals
Barrel House Five Orchestra
Beale Street Washboard Band
Belle Sylvia and her Jazz Band
Ben Pollack and His Californians
Ben Pollack and His Orchestra
Ben Pollack And His Park Central Orchestra
Ben Pollack and His Pick-A-Rib Boys
Ben Selvin and His Orchestra
Ben Tobier And His California Cyclones
Ben's Bad Boys
Bennett's Swamplanders
Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra
Bennie Krueger's Melody Syncopators
Bennie Washington's Six Aces
Benny Goodman's Boys
Benny Meroff Orchestra
Benson Orchestra of Chicago
Bernie Schultz and His Crescent Orchestra
Bert Cohan and his Orchestra
Bessie Brown and her Jazz Band
Bessie Smith Accompanied by Buck and His Band
Bessie Smith Accompanied By Henderson's Hot Six
Bessie Smith accompanied by her Down Home Trio
Bessie Smith And Her Band
Bessie Smith and Her Blue Boys
Beverly Syncopators
Bill Brown and His Brownies
Bill Haid's Cubs
Bill Johnson's Louisiana Jug Band
Billy Arnold et son Orchestre
Billy Arnold's Novelty Jazz Band
Birmingham Bluetette
Birmingham Jug Band
Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang
Bix Beiderbecke and His Orchestra
Bix Beiderbecke And His Rhythm Jugglers
Bjarne Amdahl's Jazz Symphonians
Black And Tan Orchestra
Black Birds Of Paradise
Black Pirates
Blake's Jazzone Orchestra
Blind Willie Dunn And His Gin Bottle Four
Blind Willie Dunn And Lonnie Johnson
Blue Grass Foot Warmers
Blue Ribbon Syncopators
Blue Steele and His Orchestra
Blythe And Burton
Blythe And Clark
Blythe's Owls
Blythe's Sinful Five
Blythe's Washboard Band
Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins
Bob Deikman Orchestra
Bobbie Sax and his Orchestra
Bogan's Birmingham Busters
Borbee's Jass Band
Boston Orchestra
Boyd Senter and his Senterpedes
Boyd Senter Trio
Brady's Clarinet Band
Brown and Terry's Jazzola Boys
Brownlee's Orchestra Of New Orleans
Bubber Miley And His Mileage Makers
Bucktown Five
Bud Freeman and His Orchestra
Buddy Christian's Creole Five
Buddy Christian's Jazz Rippers
Busse's Buzzards
Buster Bailey and His Rhythm Busters
Buster Bailey And His Seven Chocolate Dandies
Buster Bailey And His Sextet


California Poppies
California Ramblers
Canaro Jazz Band
Cannon's Jug Stompers
Carl Kress And Dick McDonough
Carlyle Stevenson's Bon Ton Orchestra
Carlyle Stevenson's El Patio Orchestra
Carmichael's Collegians
Carolina Club Orchestra
Carolina Cotton Pickers
Carroll Dickerson's Savoy Orchestra
Carroll Dickerson's Savoyagers
Casino Jazzers
Cassidy's New Rhythmists
Cecil Scott And His Bright Boys
Charles A. Matson's Creole Serenaders
Charles Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs
Charles Fulcher and his Orchestra
Charles Pierce And His Orchestra
Charles Remue and his New Stompers Orchestra
Charleston Chasers
Charley Straight's Orchestra
Charlie Johnson's Paradise Orchestra
Charlie Skeete And His Orchestra
Charlie Troutt's Melody Artists
Chicago Blues Dance Orchestra
Chicago DeLuxe Orchestra
Chicago Footwarmers
Chicago Hot 5
Chicago Hottentots
Chicago Rhythm Kings
Chocolate Dandies
Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Jug Band
Ciro’s Club Coon Orchestra
Clara Smith accompanied by her Jazz Trio
Clara Smith and her Five Black Kittens
Clara Smith and her Jazz Babies
Clara Smith And Her Jazz Band
Clara Smith and Her Novelty Band
Clarence Black's Savoy Trio
Clarence Jones and his Sock Four
Clarence Williams and his Band
Clarence Williams and His Bottomland Orchestra
Clarence Williams and His Orchestra
Clarence Williams' Blue Five
Clarence Williams' Blue Seven
Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings
Clarence Williams' Jug Band
Clarence Williams' Novelty Band
Clarence Williams' Novelty Four
Clarence Williams' Stompers
Clarence Williams' Washboard Band
Clarence Williams' Washboard Five
Clarence Williams' Washboard Four
Clementine Smith accompanied by the Kansas City Five
Clicquot Club Eskimos
Cliff Edwards accompanied by Andy Iona and his Islanders
Cliff Edwards accompanied by the Californians
Cliff Edwards and his Hot Combination
Cliff Edwards and the Eton Boys
Cliff Jackson and his Crazy Cats
Clifford's Louisville Jug Band
Club Royal Orchestra
Columbia Saxophone Sextette
Coney Island Jazz Orchestra
Cook And His Dreamland Orchestra
Cookie's Ginger Snaps
Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra
Cotton Club Orchestra
Cotton Pickers
Crickett Smith and His Symphonians
Curtis Mosby and His Dixieland Blue Blowers


Dabney's Band
Daisy Martin and Her Jazz Bell Hops
Daisy Martin and Her Royal Tigers
Daisy Martin with the Tampa Blue Jazz Band
Dan And Harvey's Jazz Band
Danny Altier And His Orchestra
Dave Caplan's Toronto Band
Dave Harman and his Orchestra
Dave Nelson And The King's Men
Dave's Harlem Highlights
Deppe's Seranaders
Detroit Melodists
Devonshire Resturant Dance Band
Dewy Jackson's Peacock Orchestra
Diamond King's Jazz Band
Dixie Boys
Dixie Daisies
Dixie Four
Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band
Dixie Rhythm Kings
Dixie Serenaders
Dixie Stompers
Dixie Washboard Band
Dixie-land Thumpers
Dixieland Jug Blowers
Dixon and Channey
Dixon's Jazz Duo
Dixon's Jazz Maniacs
Django Reinhardt and His American Swing Band
Doc Cook and His 14 Doctors of Syncopation
Dodds And Parham
Doherty's Melody Boys
Don Bestor and His Orchestra
Don Redman and His Orchestra
Don Redman and His Orchestra
Donald Lindley and his Boys
Douglas Finnell And His Royal Stompers
Duane Sawyer and his Orchestra
Duke Ellington And His Cotton Club Orchestra
Duke Ellington And His Kentucky Club Orchestra
Duke Ellington and his Memphis Men
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
Dunk Rendleman and the Alabamians


E.C. Cobb And His Corn Eaters
Eagle Band
Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band
Earl Fuller's New York Orchestra
Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra
Earl Hines and His Orchestra
Earl Oliver's Jazz Babies
Ed Lang And His Orchestra
Eddie and Sugar Lou's Hotel Tyler Orchestra
Eddie Carlew's Baby Aristocrats
Eddie Condon and His Band
Eddie Condon And His Footwarmers
Eddie Condon Quartet
Eddie Frazier and His Plantation Orchestra
Eddie Heywood and his Jazz Six
Eddie Johnson's Crackerjacks
Eddie Miles And His Florentine Orchestra
Eddie South And His Alabamians
Eddie's Hot Shots
Edith Wilson and her Original Jazz Hounds
Edmonia Henderson accompanied by Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders
Edmonia Henderson accompanied by Tommy Ladnier and his Orchestra
Edna Hicks accompanied by Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
Edna Hicks accompanied by Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders
Edna Hicks accompanied by Porter Grainger's Sawin' Three
Eduardo Armani y su Orquesta
Edwin J. McEnelly’s Orchestra
Efim Schachmeister mit seunem Jazz Symphonie Orchester
Eleuterio Yribarren Jazz Band
Elgars Creole Orchestra
Elio Rietti y Su Jazz Band
Ellen Coleman accompained Lem Fowler's Orchestra
Elmer Schoebel and his Friars Society Orchestras
Emerson Gill And His Bamboo Garden Orchestra
Emerson Gill and His Castle Of Paris Orchestra
Emerson Gill and His Orchestra
Emerson Xylo-Phiends
Emil Seidel And His Orchestra
Emmett Miller accompanied by his Georgia Crackers
Empire Jazz Band
Eric Borchard's Atlantic Jazz Band
Eric Borchard's Jazz Band
Eric Concerto's Yankee Jazz Band
Ernö Rapee's Jazz Symphoniker
Erskine Tate's Vendome Orchestra
Ethel Waters accompanied by Albury's Blue and Jazz Seven
Ethel Waters accompanied by her Ebony Four
Ethel Waters accompanied by Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders
Ethel Waters accompanied by Will Marion Cook's Singing Orchestra
Ethel Waters' Jazz Masters
Eubie Blake and His Shuffle Along Orchestra
Eubie Blake Trio
Europe's Society Orchestra


Fate Marable's Society Syncopators
Fats Waller And His Buddies
Fats Waller And His Continental Rhythm
Fats Waller and His Orchestra
Fats Waller and His Rhythm
Fats Waller his Rhythm and his Orchestra
Fatty Martin's Orchestra
Faye Barnes accompanied by Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
Feathers and Frogs
Fess Williams and His Joy Boys
Fess Williams And His Royal Flush Orchestra
Fisbach's Charleston Orchester
Fletcher Henderson and His Sawin' Six
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
Flo Bert with Orchestra
Flo Johnson and her Beale Street Five
Floyd Mills And His Marylanders
Ford Dabney's Syncopated Orchestra
Four Hot Hounds
Fowler's Favorites
Fowler's Washboard Wonders
Francisco Lomuto Jazz Band
Frank Brunch and his Fuzzy Wuzzies
Frank Guarente's World Known Georgians
Frank Signorelli and his Orchestra
Frank Teschemacher's Chicagoans
Frank Westphal and his Orchestra
Frank Westphal and His Rainbo Orchestra
Frankie Half Pint Jaxon accompanied by Punches Delegates of Pleasure
Frankie Half Pint Jaxon accompanied by the Harlem Hamfats
Frankie Half Pint Jaxon and his Hot Shots
Frankie and her Jazz Devils
Frankie Franko And His Louisianians
Frankie Master's Orchestra
Frankie Quartell and his Little Club Orchestra
Frankie Quartell and His Melody Boys
Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra
Fred Culley And His Royal York Hotel Orchestra
Fred Elizalde and his Anglo American Band
Fred Hall and His Orchestra
Fred Hall and his Sugar Babes
Fred Hamm and his Collegians
Fred Hamm and his Orchestra
Fred Ozark's Jug Blowers
Freddie Keppard and His Jazz Cardinals
Freddie Keppard's Original Creole Orchestra
Frisco Jass Band
Fulcher's Dance Trio
Futurist Jazz Band


Gabriel Formiggini mit seinem Orchester
Garden Dancing Palace Orchestra
Gennett Orchestra
George Carhart's New Yorkers
George E. Lee and His Novelty Singing Orchestra
George McClennon's Jazz Devils
George Osborn and His Orchestra
Georgia Cotton Pickers
Georgia Jazz Band
Georgia Melodians
Georgia Strutters
Get-Happy Band
Gilbert Watson and his Orchestra
Goldkette's Book-Cadillac Orchestra
González Jazz Band
Goofus Five
Gorman's Novelty Syncopators
Gowan's Rhapsody Makers
Gregoire Nakchounian and His Russian North Star Orchestra
Gregor and his Boys
Gregor et ses Gregoriens
Gregor et son Jazz
Gulf Coast Jazzers
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians
Guyon's Paradise Orchestra


Halfway House Orchestra
Handy's Memphis Blues Band
Handy's Orchestra
Handy's Orchestra Of Memphis
Harlem Hot Chocolates
Harlem House Rent Stompers
Harlem Trio
Harold Menning And His Orchestra
Harry Dial's Bluesicians
Harry Junoir's Jazz Orchestra
Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
Harry Reser And His Orchestra
Harry's Happy Four
Harvey Brooks Quality Four
Hattie McDaniels accompanied by Lovie Austin's Serenaders
Hattie McDaniels accompanied by Richard M. Jones's Jazz Wizards
Hazay Natzy's Hotel Biltmore Orchestra
Helen Gross accompanied by the Choo Choo Jazzers
Helen Gross accompanied by the Kansas City Five
Helen Savage accompanied by The Dixie Syncopators
Henderson's Club Alabam Orchestra
Henderson's Dance Orchestra
Henderson's Happy Six Orchestra
Henry Allen - Coleman Hawkins and their orchestra
Henry Allen And His New York Orchestra
Henry Allen And His Orchestra
Henry Halstead Orchestra
Herb Wiedoeft and His Orchestra
Herb Wiedoeft's Cinderella Roof Orchestra
Herb Wiedoeft's Famous Orchestra
Hightower's Night Hawks
Hitch's Happy Harmonists
Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra
Hoagy Carmichael and His Pals
Hociel Thomas Acc. By Louis Armstrong's Jazz Four
Hollywood Shufflers
Honey Land Jazz Band
Horsey's Hot Five
Hot And Heavy
Hot Boys Band
Hot Jazz Ernest Holzer
Hotel Bristolls Danseorkester
Hotsy Totsy Boys
Howell, Horsley And Bradford
Hunter's Serenaders
Husk O'Hare And His Footwarmers
Husk O'hare's Super Orchestra Of Chicago


Ida Brown and her Boys
Ida Cox accompanied by her Five Black Spells
Ida Cox Accompanied By Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders
Ida Cox accompanied by the Pruitt Twins
Ida Cox accompanied with the Coleman Hawkins Quintet
Ida Cox and her Allstar Orchestra
Ida Cox And Lovie Austin
Ida Cox and Papa Charlie Jackson
Ike Rogers and his Biddle Street Boys
Ikey Robinson And His Band
Ikey Robinson and His Windy City Five
Imperial Three
Indiana Sycopators
Irving Aaronson And His Commanders
Irving Aaronson and his Crusaders
Irving Mills' Hotsy-Totsy Gang
Irving Mills' Modernists
Isham Jones And His Orchestra
Isham Jones and His Rainbo Orchestra


J. Neal Montgomery And His Orchestra
J.C. Cobb and his Grains Of Corn
J.C. Johnson and His Five Hot Sparks
Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces
Jack Chapman Drake Hotel Orchestra
Jack Crawford and His Orchestra
Jack Humphrey's London Band
Jack Hylton's Kit-Cat Band
Jack Linx and his Birmingham Society Serenaders
Jack Pettis And His Band
Jack Pettis And His Band
Jack Pettis and his Pets
Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra
Jackie Souder and his Orchestra
Jackson And His Southern Stompers
Jamaica Jazzers
James Boucher Et Son Jazz
James Boucher Et Son Jazz
James P. Johnson's Harmony Eight
Jasper Davis And His Orchestra
Jasper Taylor And His State Street Boys
Jasper Taylor's Original Washboard Band
Jay C. Flippen and his Gang
Jazz Artists
Jazz Band Kapelle, Karellmeister Bernard Ette
Jazz Club Mystery Band
Jazzazza Jazz Band
Jazzbo's Carolina Serenaders
Jean Cocteau et l'orchestre Dan Parrish
Jean Goldkette And His Orchestra
Jeanette James and Her Synco Jazzers
Jelly James And His Fewsicians
Jelly Roll Morton And His Orchestra
Jelly Roll Morton Trio
Jelly Roll Morton's Incomparables
Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band
Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Trio
Jelly Roll Morton's Kings Of Jazz
Jelly Roll Morton's New Orleans Jazzmen
Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers
Jelly Roll Morton's Six/Seven
Jelly Roll Morton's Steamboat Four
Jelly Roll Morton's Stomp Kings or Jazz Kids
Jesse Stafford and His Orchestra
Jesse Stone and his Blues Serenaders
Jim Europe's 369th Infantry Hell Fighters Band
Jimmie Joy's Baker Hotel Orchestra
Jimmie Joy's Orchestra
Jimmie Joy's St. Anthony Hotel Orchestra
Jimmie Lunceford and his Chickasaw Syncopaters
Jimmie Noone and His Orchestra
Jimmie Noone Trio
Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra
Jimmie O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band
Jimmie's Blue Melody Boys
Jimmie's Joys
Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
Jimmy Blythe And His Ragamuffins
Jimmy Dorsey Accompanied By Spike Hughes And His Three Blind Mice
Jimmy Dorsey accompanied by the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
Jimmy Durante's Jazz Band
Jimmy Johnson And His Band
Jimmy Johnson And His Orchestra
Jimmy Johnson's Jazz Boys
Jimmy Wade and His Dixielanders
Joe Wingy Manone and His Club Royale Orchestra
Joe Manone's Harmony Kings
Joe Steele and his Orchestra
Joe Sullivan and His Cafe Society Orchestra
Joe Sullivan Trio
Joe Thomas' Saxotette
Joe Turner And His Memphis Men
Joe Watson and his Green Mill Orchestra
Joe Venuti And Eddie Lang
Joe Venuti and His New Yorkers
Joe Venuti and His Orchestra
Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang and Their All-Star Orchestra
Joe Venuti's Blue Four/Five/Six
Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys
John Hyman's Bayou Stompers
John Sylvester and his Orchestra
John Tobin's Midnight Serenaders
John Williams' and his Memphis Stompers
John Williams' Synco Jazzers
Johnnie Miller's New Orleans Frollickers
Johnny Bayersdorffer And His Jazzola Novelty Orchestra
Johnny De Droit And His New Orleans Orchestra
Johnny Dodds And His Chicago Boys
Johnny Dodds And His Orchestra
Johnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers
Johnny Dodds' Hot Six
Johnny Dodds' Trio
Johnny Dodds' Washboard Band
Johnny Dunn and His Band
Johnny Dunn And His Jazz Band
Johnny Dunn and his Original Jazz Band
Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds
Johnny Hamp and His Orchestra
Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders
Johnson's Big Five
Johnson's Jazzers
Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight
Jones' Paramount Charleston Four
Joseph C. Smith and His Mount Royal Orchestra
Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra
Joseph C. Smith's Trio
Joseph Samuels' Jazz Band
Josèphine Baker accompanied by Le Jazz du Poste Parisien
Josèphine Baker accompanied by Melodic-Jazz du Casino de Paris
Josèphine Baker accompanied pae le Le Jacob's Jazz
Josèphine Baker et les Comedian Harmonists
Josie Miles accompanied by the Choo Choo Jazzers
Josie Miles accompanied by the Kansas City Five
Jules Herbuveaux and his Orchestra
Jules Herbuveaux' Palmer House Victorians
Julia Lee accompanied by George E. Lee and his Novelty Singing Orchestra
Julian Fuhs Follies Band
Julian Fuhs und sein Orchester
Jungle Band
Jungle Kings
Jungle Town Stompers
Junie Cobb's Hometown Band


Kansas City Four/Five
Kansas City Frank and His Footwarmers
Kansas City Stompers
Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers
Katie Crippen accompanied by Henderson's Novelty Orchestra
Kentucky Jazz Babies
Kentucky Jug Band
Kentucky Seranaders
Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra
King Bechet Trio
King David's Jug Band
King Mutt and his Tennessee Thumpers
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators
King Oliver's Jazz Band
King Oliver's Orchestra


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