• 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 16: Marilyn Manson]

    6 maj 2011, 20:13

    Day 16
    Band Marilyn Manson

    Favourite song(s)
    Spade, Tainted Love, User friendly, Man that you fear, the beautiful people

    Favourite album

    mechanical animals

    Favourite lyric
    I wasn't born with enough middle fingers
    (I guess that was a songlyric ... forgot the song)

    Seen them live
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 15: Misfits]

    24 apr 2011, 09:16

    Day 15
    Band The Misfits

    Favourite song(s)
    Dig up her bones, american psycho, last caress, die die my darling

    Favourite album
    Static Age

    Favourite lyric
    Point me to the sky above
    I can't get there on my own
    [dig up her bones]

    Seen them live
    no. and i don't think i want that. my fav. member left the band some time ago (doyle wolfgang - i love you haha) and I really don't like the "new" misfits.
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 14: SS-Kaliert]

    24 apr 2011, 09:06

    Day 14
    Band SS-Kaliert

    Favourite song(s)
    Ich hasse dich, Auge um Auge, Anti-autoritär

    Favourite album

    Favourite lyric
    Die Zeit ist Gekommen um dir deine Zu nehmen
    ICH HASSE DICH und dein Erbärmliches Leben
    Seid dem ich dich kenne
    Wenn ich Dich seh solltest du besser
    Rennen und Hoffen das ich dich
    Nicht irgendwie pack
    Sonst Leidest du wie noch nie einer Gelitten hat
    ICH HASSE DICH wie Du auf schwachen Rum trittst
    ICH HASSE DICH wie du in der Gruppe Stark bist
    Die Fresse aufreißt und So Respekt ernten willst
    Den ich Dir jetzt nehm, hier ist keiner der Dir hilft
    In deiner Schnauze sind 32 Zähne
    Für jeden tritt werd ich Dir jetzt einen entfernen
    [ich hasse dich]

    Seen them live
    yes <3
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 13: Oomph!]

    24 apr 2011, 08:50

    Day 13
    Band Oomph!

    Favourite song(s)
    Supernova, Dein Feuer, Unrein

    Favourite album

    Favourite lyric
    You would not make it if you were on your own,
    And this is why I'll never leave you alone

    Seen them live
    sadly yes. haha
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 12: Jesus on Extasy]

    24 apr 2011, 08:39

    Day 12
    Band Jesus On Extasy

    Favourite song(s)
    Alone (their only good song)

    Favourite album

    Favourite lyric

    Seen them live
    I saw them once @the amphi festival 2009. they're pretty bad. the sound sucked. the bass was terrible and Dorians voice and look was pretty funny.
    it was a waste in time to be honest.
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 11: Faderhead

    24 apr 2011, 08:36

    Day 11
    Band Faderhead

    Favourite song(s)
    Fuck what you heard, TZDV, The way to fuck god, girly show

    Favourite album

    Favourite lyric

    Seen them live
    yes. it was a nice suprise. He was actually pretty good live.
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 10: KMFDM]

    24 apr 2011, 08:32

    Day 10
    Band KMFDM

    Favourite song(s)
    Juke Joint Jezebell, Brute, Lust, Bumaye and the Bait and Switch remix by Combichrist

    Favourite album
    Nihil (got it signed :3)

    Favourite lyric
    Those who cannot learn from history
    Are doomed to repeat it
    [New american Century]

    Seen them live
    YES. Lu and Sascha are amazing. And I love Andys work on the drums. amazing liveband
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 9: Helltrash]

    24 apr 2011, 08:27

    Day 9
    Band Helltrash

    Favourite song(s)
    Junky, My reflection, Feed the Demon, Cannibal

    Favourite album

    Favourite lyric
    i'm a heartless creature
    that's raising hell
    so come and get me

    Seen them live
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 8: The Exploited]

    24 apr 2011, 08:24

    Day 8
    Band The Exploited

    Favourite song(s)
    Maggie, sex and Violence, Sid Vicious was Innocent.

    Favourite album
    Troops of Tomorrow/Punks not Dead

    Favourite lyric
    Sex and Violence, sex and violence, sex and violence, sex and violence XD
    [Sex and Violence]

    Seen them live
    NO. sadly. i live in the wrong country and in the wrong centuary
  • 30 Days, 30 Bands [Day 7: Revolverheld]

    24 apr 2011, 08:18

    Day 7
    Band Revolverheld

    Favourite song(s)
    Unzertrennlich, Generation Rock, Freunde bleiben

    Favourite album

    Favourite lyric
    Und wenn ich in mein Badezimmer geh'
    Und deine Flecken an meinem Spiegel seh'
    Dann merk ich, dass ich mir nicht eingesteh'
    Dass ich zwar nie richtig alleine war
    Keinen Tag im letzten Jahr
    Doch deine Liebe keine war
    [Freunde bleiben]

    Seen them live
    sadly no.