1/4 year review


30 mar 2009, 22:57

What's been doing it so far? Well lots of new stuff so here goes.

Alva Noto, Xerrox Vol 2 Very much better than I could have hoped for. As you might know I'm a fan boy and, well, I'm really stocked on this.

Tim Hecker, An Imaginary Country More of what i love. Feels more accessible with more pronounced melody, but still covered with that wonderful Hecker haze.

SND, Atavism Well I'm not to sure. It has all the trademarks there but, well, I'm not to sure. Give it more time and see how i feel.

Mountains, Choral. The Milkfactory said it all. These guys continue to sooth my soul and heart. You want a clear, calm soul, screw religion just listen to 'Choral'.

Mirah, (A) spera. I have to admit to a soft spot for this, ahem, singer/ songwriter. She all but shits on most and the new album continues to develop on her sound yet sound different from the last.

Clark, Growls Garden. So i really liked it when i first heard it and still really like the first track, but i'm not sure about the rest anymore. There is a wonderful urgency and careless abandon about it but i feel a little like there is something throw away about it.

Others I've just started hitting up.

AGF/Delay, Symptoms
Craque, Subtle
Lawrence English, A Colour for Autumn
Doom, Born Like This


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