• concert: Ida Maria, 13th of april, 2007

    14 apr 2007, 12:22

    Fri 13 Apr – Ida Maria

    I went to see Ida Maria live again, and this time it was only her ( + her band of course) - so that meant a lot more songs were played. awesomeness!

    set list:
    Morning Light
    in the end
    drive away my heart
    we're all going to hell
    Stella and God
    Better when you're naked
    Oh my god

    Keep me warm

    encore 2:
    I quite like men

    she started, as usual, with her blues-y bass-guitar-only song, which I now learned was called "Pleasure". her voice is amazing here.
    and after this the whole band came on stage and they kicked off with the up-tempo "Louie".

    Not many people had showed up, but as opposed to the last time there were more people really showing they enjoyed the concert: jumping, dancing somewhat - having fun. I certainly was, after having been drinking for the past 2 hours up untill the concert started. but as usual, there was the "I wil stand completely still and not show I enjoy the concert one bit, but still clap at the end"-people. damn those people.

    anyways, they continued with "morning light", which has become one of my favorites. too bad it's not available to download or listen to anywhere on the net. I guess I just have to keep going to her concerts untill her cd comes out. not that I mind.

    thought of the moment: I want to be in a mosh pit next time I see her live!

    then she got to the more calmer, slowed-down part of the set. she introduced 2 new songs: "in the end" and "drive away my heart". the first being introduced as a "waltz... so if people want to waltz, you're quite welcome to do so". these were followed by the beautiful "we're all going to hell" (sing-a-long time!) and "stella and god" and it was at this point I realized that her voice, the way she's almost screaming sometimes is quite like conor oberst of Bright Eyes. though, their music style is somewhat different. (or, perhaps not that much if you compare her calmer songs with bright eyes' old stuff.) , and lyricwise not the same - there's nevertheless something about the voice, the way they both perform their songs that is quite similar.

    Ida Maria was quite talkative too, and interacted quite well. her small introductions to the songs were quite funny. she was in a good mood, and it showed!

    after Stella & God, she went up-tempo again and did "better when you're naked". introduced as a song "about something I really enjoy: naked men!" haha. I had a lot of fun while this was played. I kicked ass on the floor. after this she continued with "oh my god", emptying her water water bottle by pouring it all over herself and shaking that head. oh my god is awesome, it's one of the songs to completely lose control to.

    I noticed something interesting about the audience. they were a good audience, the followed that age old appreciation rule: when a song is played - you give it a couple of second of silence before you start clapping. you have to wait until the last note it played,and the last note is always a long silence. during this time you let the music etch itself in your mind - then you clap, then you applaud! this audience knew this! congrats, audience!

    anyways, she was applauded back on stage to play a new song called "keep me warm". and then she was applauded back on stage one more time to play a bass-song called "I quite like men", so she ended the concert as he had started: with just her and a bass-guitar. but in between there had been screaming, jumping, existentialism, and pure rock&roll spirit.

    Ida Maria is a gem. I remember I once wrote a journal entry looking for female artists. well I have found my favorite.
  • concert: Bright Eyes, 22nd of march, 2007

    23 mar 2007, 23:13

    Thu 22 Mar – Bright Eyes

    on the 22nd of march there were two bands playing in Oslo... well, probably a lot of other too, but there were two bands playing in Oslo I wanted to see. there was Bigbang... and there was Bright Eyes. it was a tough choice, and I have to admit, I wasn't sure until the concert started that I had made the right choice, but seeing as I had seen Bigbang live 4 times before as opposed to Bright Eyes: 0... it was a bit odd if I'd chosen Bigbang. I mean, seriously: Bright Eyes! yes!

    one thing I noticed about the audience is that a lot of bright eyes fans are tall. why?

    set list? eh. I forgot to write it down, and I don't remember everything that was played. the first part of the sentence indicated that I was enjoying myself too much - which is correct., the second part of the sentence indicated that I was not paying much attention - that is incorrect, I'm just very forgetful of things unfortunatly. though, if I remember correctly these, at least, were played, though not in the order it's written down:

    I must belong somewhere
    tourist trap
    four winds
    soul singer in a session band
    make war
    old soul song
    cartoon blues

    there were more songs. of course. I'm just blank. and it's embarrassing, but then again not. I don't know. but it ended too fast! and there was only one encore. why? perhaps it was because I was enjoying myself so much that it felt like it had just started when it was over, but.... more! they should have played more!

    the song that stuck was the opening song: I must belong somewhere. it was a perfect start, it was a strong performance. they played songs I'd never heard before, probably songs that will be featured on the new album - and I am so buying it when it's released. I also had time to somewhat reflect on how much bright eyes has developed as a band, or rather how much conor oberst has developed. as he's getting older he keeps reinventing the music. there's a big leap, musically and lyrically between Lifted and what I've heard of Four winds and cassadaga now (and it's gotten quite more folksy and country-ish, in a positive way). I like that, it shows that he's not stuck in the same pattern.

    sometimes when he sings it feels like he is screaming.... but it's a nice, kind of energic screaming. I wish I could scream like that.

    and why are bright eyes fans so tall?

    I liked the fiddler, I like how conor and him interacted. I loved the energy in every song. I hated the tall people. I loved the bad jokes about smoking and money and whatnot.

    I WILL see bright eyes again at the hovefestival this year in june. bright eyes live = <3. very much <3.

    yes, and this was a somewhat half-hearted review of a band that means a lot to me. I guess I could have done better, but at least I didn't turn completely fangirl and talked about conor's hair.
  • concert: Ida Maria, 13th of march, 2007

    13 mar 2007, 23:04

    Tue 13 Mar – IDA MARIA, Scarlet Monroe

    I have newly discovered the best female artist (in my own personal opinion though) of this decade. her name is Ida Maria. she and her band plays indie pop-punk rock, or however I am supposed to label her artistery. she is amazing. and thus, I was quite exited to go see her this evening.

    the warm-up act was Scarlet Monroe, who was a pleasant surprise. dreamy loud noise, in the positive sense of the word "noise".

    Ida Maria kicked off with a blues-y song with just her, her guitar and her amazing voice before introducing herself and her band.

    the set list:
    unknown song
    morning light
    stella and god
    we're all going to hell
    oh my god
    better when you're naked

    or at least of what I can remember.

    morning light and stella and god were both unknown and new songs to me, but they still got me singing along afterall. she knows how to make catchy tunes and riffs that girl.

    Ida Maria completely owned the stage, and she tried to get people more engaged, because to be honest - they were quite reluctant to really enjoy the music. seriously people, don't be so stiff at a concert. loosen up - dance, jump, sing - whatever! I hate an audience who just stands there apathetic, not really engaged untill the applause. Ida Maria did her best to involve the audience, trying to get them to sing along, especially on the beautiful more slow song we're all going to hell. and in the end, it almost payed off. there was some singing, chanting... and it sounded beautiful.

    during stella and god she threw water at the audience in an attempt to loosen them up. I got wet, it was awesome!

    Oh my god was the climax, she went crazy on stage and that's awesome. that song is made for jumping around, screaming and just letting out all the energy you have in your body. I want to do that!

    I was very disappointed that she didn't play queen of the world, but I guess so you can't play all the songs in the world when you're sharing the night with another band named Cables, who I found to be somewhat dissapointing. and thus, I left.

    I am so looking forward to seeing her live again this summer.

  • concert: Wolfmother, 18th of february 2007

    20 feb 2007, 19:30

    Sun 18 Feb – Wolfmother, deadends

    this is possibly the best concert I've been to. wait, scratch that, this is the best concert I've been to!

    if there was something negative to be said about it it has more to do with us arriving more than fashionable late and thus ending up with having to resort to the gallery/2nd floor (which consist of seats) to be able to see anything. the tickets had been sold out for months and thus the scene where the concert was held was stuffed with people.

    and yes, there is something fundamentally wrong with sitting on a concert. at least at shows where there is a band like Wolfmother who are playing. on concerts like that you are supposed to be standing, jumping, screaming... which I now was to some extent refrained from doing.

    in addition, Chris Ross the bassist had, during the concert they held at Copenhagen the day before, hurt his ancle or foot or whatever so he had to remain seated for the whole show. but it didn't really affect the show that much. not when I in the second sentence of this journal entry proclaimed it to be the best show I had ever been to.

    the set list was as follows:
    Apple Tree
    White Unicorn
    Love Train
    Where Eagles Have Been
    Tales From the Forest of Gnomes
    instrumental psychadelic part/song
    Mind's Eye

    Communication Breakdown
    Joker & the Thief

    they opened up with Dimension and already in the opening lines of the song they said hello to us in their own little quirky way:
    I fell down in the desert baby, yeah
    I had nothing but a peice of paper, oh yeah,
    I had to write something down,
    And I found myself in Oslo, then I let go of everything,
    Into another dimension

    and thus, we, as an audience, did the same. we let go of everything, into another dimension of sound, light and energy.

    Apple Tree ended in a sound euphoria. it felt like an energy ball of sound being hit straight in your face, only it wasn't noise: it was just so much music trying to come out at the same time, it blew you away.

    White Unicorn is my favorite because it is one of their more psychdelic, more progressive songs. and it's built in a way that really let the band play around with it, stretching it out, twisting it around, with it still being the same song. and this is what they did tonight too. they completely remade the song. an it was wonderful.

    Love Train started with a girl throwing her bra up at the stage and Andrew picking it up and putting it on and starting to play. a funny moment indeed. at he end of the song he threw it out to the audience again. I doubt she got it back.

    Woman was also a song that they stretched and bent out into eternity. it looked like they had a lot of fun. thus when they finally endend it what they started up playing afterwards was some long psychedelic instrumental song. it was complete acid, and my thoughts went to early Pink Floyd and The Doors. I have never felt so drunk, without being drunk, so high without being high. and it lasted throughout the next song which was Mind's eye. at this moment I just closed my eyes and let myself slip away with the music. and then show ended. but it was silly, they didn't even need to go off stage. the crowd was in a phrenzy. but they went of, pretending the show was over and let us wait for a long while before finally coming on stage again to play an encore.

    before starting to play colossal andrew called out something about viking rock. possibly this song being viking rock. and he also talked about ice bergs and having melted some tonight. actually throughout the concert he was quite preoccupied with ice bergs. even the white unicorn, he said, was floating on an ice berg out here in the oslofjord. oh, bt it was fun though.

    during the encore they also played a Led Zepplin cover: communication breakdown. (sweet!) before finally ending the concert with Joker and the Thief.

    hooray for Wolfmother! I can't wait for a new album and to hear more music from these guys. my expectations are through the roof!
  • Grand Island concert, 17th of november, 2006

    18 nov 2006, 12:52

    I have seen this band before recently and I enjoyed that show so of course I thought I'd go see them again when they came to perform here in Oslo.

    the warm-up act was Shaun Bartlett & days like this. Quite ok. somehow I'd like to label the music "pretty", thought not in a negative way. it was quite enjoyable to listen to and I also recorded his song "unleash" but I havn't bothered to figure out how I can compress the videofile to under 100MBs so I can upload it at YouTube yet.
    but yes, very nice 8)

    though, it was Grand Island I had come there for. and I enjoyed this concert even more than the last I was at. probably because more and more of their songs have grown on me as time has passed and it was wonderful to tap my foot and sing along. and man, I like that banjo player!

    the first part consisted of what they called their "feminine songs" while the latter part consisted of "the songs for the men" where one of the was announced as Håkon's song (a guy in the audience who jumped up and down a lot, or so I noticed). the latter part was kicked off with their hit single "us annexed" and the whole gig ended with "inbetween is everything" which they introduced as "a loveballad to clear the room" but which didn't work they way it was intended I guess because the audience applauded and shouted them in again for an encore, where they played an old rusty song, or so they called it.

    at one point a guy from the audience was shouting "give us a banjo-solo!" and they were like "ok, we'll give you one! never thought someone would want that!" and they kicked off with the banjo into a song I'm not sure of the name of - and this annoys me greatly. because it was awesome. and I should have recorded it.
    but banjos are fascinating!

    but it was so much fun really and I greatly enjoyed everything they played, their interaction with the audience, the good vibrations.

    you should check this band out now, if you havn't yet!
  • Thomas Dybdahl concert, 16th of november, 2006

    17 nov 2006, 15:36

    my concert reviews tend to be quite long and informative to some extent, but I feel I only need to use 1 word to sum up this concert: heaven.
    I could try to elaborate more, but for the most of the concert I was in heaven. fantastic. the music captured me from the very first note.

    Thomas Dybdahl has an amazing talent. this is a statement, not a theory. and the musicians who performed his songs with him on stage gave me goodebumps. espeically the the trumpet player and the fiddle player during their respective solos.

    oh, and Thomas' on stage, in touch with the music on all levels: amazing to watch.

    the concert started off with songs from his new album during the first part, while the second part consisted of known singles he has had in the past that people could sing along to. which they did. these songs included the beautifully "one day you'll dance for me new york city", "adelaide", "from grace", "a lovestory" and "cecilia". the last song mentioned being the Thomas got everyone singing a long too.

    Here I am
    Flesh and bones

    the encore consisted among others of his new single "B A Part" and the audience couldn't get enough so the last song they played was a song Thomas wanted everyone to sing along to so we were taught the lyrics:
    I'll be needing you tomorrow and for days to come

    cause I'm no daydreamer
    but I'll need a place to go if memory fails me & let you slip away

    and it was such a joyful song (which proves that Thomas isn't the king of melancoly at all times) and everything was wonderful.

    though, there is a certain thing that annoys me in general. I absolutely hate it when people start applauding before the song is completely finished. I've been thought that you should wait 'till the last tone has gone out and then wait 1 second before showing your appreciation. and it makes sense. you give yourself a short moment of silence to just prosess what you have just heard... but there was a lack of this at thomas dybdahl and it really annoyed me. perhaps because I enjoyed the music so much and whenever people started clapping before the song was completely over it kind of brought me down from heaven. oh well.
  • Grand Island concert, 28th of september, 2006

    29 sep 2006, 06:45

    yesterday, a friend of mine tipped me off with the fact that there was a free concert at a venue a train ride from here. so that's where we went.

    the band playing was Grand Island. who played a weird sort of music. lots of different influences into one package.

    I havn't really listened to them untill yesterday, where I felt it was my duty to put their most famous single on repeat for a while ("Us Annexed"). uhm, the logic behind this is somewhat lost on me at the moment. but I like that song.

    I liked their performance. even though I felt quite sorry for them because of the lack of audience. seriously, it was a free concert with a band who isn't all that bad! ok, so the location was... uhm, not in Oslo, but at some rural place called Lillestrøm - but it's only 11 minutes with a train. silly people. free concerts are a priority!

    anyways, I took their setlist at the end of the show (I contemplated going for a guitar too. but found it kind of too risky. ^^ )

    the setlist was as follows:
    1. Love Is a Dog
    2. Lucky Boy
    3. Fountain
    4. Set Your House
    5. Sky Sized
    6. Good Enough
    7. Say No To Sin
    8. Cobra Verde
    9. Wish It Was...
    10. Us Annexed
    11. Ghost
    12. In Between...

    I do think the ultimate performance was held back due to the lack of a crowd. I think the concert would have been much better if only there had been more people there. I don't think I'm lying when I say the audience consisted of perhaps only 15 people. but the band did a good job nonetheless. they didn't blow me away, but they got my foot tapping the beat. so I am pleased.
  • the music of week 36

    11 sep 2006, 09:50

    Because I simply refuse doing silly quizes, but still would like to talk about my music... so here we go:

    1. Radiohead - 76 plays.
    I guess this has something to do with the fact that I bought radiohead - the bends and found out that it has to be one of my favorite albums. before, I've just owned OK computer and I have downloaded random songs off of them, not really made an effort to really get into the radiohead-wave, but still enjoyed their music very much. the bends os one hell of an album.

    2. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - 36 plays
    Having not yet understood if it's ' or " I am supposed to use, it has not stopped me from listening alot to mr. Oldham here. I have had a love affair with his song "I see a darkness" in the past, and decided I'd go and buy the album with the same title. I feel I made a good choice.

    King Crimson - 32 plays
    I do love progressive rock. I do love classic progressive rock. only it has not been justified on my playlist. except for Pink Floyd. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I listen to classic progressive rock the most when I'm out driving, or just in general have my mp3-player with me and are using it. (which I now have lost. stupid. stupid. stupid.). I also must confess that I have not dug that deaply in the old classic scene and all the other bands that were doing their stuff around the same time as my all time favorite band Pink Floyd. (I'm talking about the 70's mainly here). but last week I found a reneissansce (sp?) of my love for old classic prog find it's way to my heart again. and I have listened a lot to King Crimson, who if I were to make a list over top 5 classic prog bands, would probably be no. 2. favorite tracks include: starless and bible black and islands, though I must confess I think there still is alot I havn't heard of them.

    4. FOCUS - 21 plays
    Focus is an old dutch prog rock band if I am not mistaken? I recently bought a Classic Rock magazine with a special edition of prog rock. the name Focus appeared once or twice, and I figured I'd go download a couple of songs by them. I currently find great joy in listening to their track sylvia.

    5. Captain - 21 plays
    I only have one song by them, and it has been listened to 21 times. glorious. I think I found captain off of the previously mentioned magazine I bought, as a new and emerging pysch indie band.

    6. Yo La Tengo - 19 plays
    Yo La Tengo is a new discovery for me. I recently got into them a couple of weeks ago. sure, I have heard their name in the past a couple of times but I've never put much work into checking them out. I love them now though. and I am definitively buying an album soon.

    7. The Clash - 19 plays
    I bought their album last week. thought it was about time seeing as I've had alot of their music on my computer for a good while now. I like the clash. I find their music to be more of a sophisticated kind of punk.

    8. The Flower Kings - 17 plays
    got these off of a review in the previously mentioned magazine. they are swedish progressive rock band. hit me with a hit as a really enjoyable track, and thus it has been victim of my repeat-button.

    9. Marillion - 15 plays
    see King Crimson explanation.

    10. Yes - 14 plays
    see marillion explanation.

    this weeks prediction:
    The Doors (i've loved them much in the past, now it's time to love them more again.), king crimson, Fish (incommunicado is a fantastic track), yes, bonnie 'prince' billy, Bob Dylan (mostly old bob dylan i think).
  • the "how stupid am I?"-quiz

    1 jul 2006, 09:43

    seriously, is there no way to block out the thousands of "how emo am I?" and "guess the lyrics" and other nonsensical quizzes out there who is spamming my journal recommendations? I'm this close to going insane. I would have thought people who listened to some of the same music as I do (yes, now I'm just being pretentious) would fail to show these sheep-ish tendencies, but appearently not. is slowly being killed by the "how emo/mainstream/indie/stupid am I?"-wave and noone is doing anything about it. and I don't get you people, why do you feel the need the post it? is it out of lack of other things to post and you feel like you should atleast post SOMETHING. sure, I took the mainstream test too. I admit that. but it was pointless. and I certainly didn't feel the urge to post it here.

    and as for the "guess these lyrics", is it just so people will comment in your journals so you can feel better about yourself? I don't get it. and people will just google anyways. sure, they might recognize the lyrics but they WILL most likely google it because they can't remember who it is. so what's the point?

    here's a quiz for all you quiz-maniacs out there:
    the how stupid am I quiz

    take the number of quizes you have taken. and give yourself 10 extra points for each "the how [INSERT RANDOM TAG HERE] am I" quiz. then divide it by the number ( substract 1 point pr. "guess the lyrics") of journals currently on your recommendations list who features a quiz.
    multiply by 100.

    if it's over 5% you are stupid. congratulations. you rule.

    and also, here's a suggestion, if you're so damned on the lyrics thing; post your favorite lyrics and explain why you like it and your thoughts on them. I want to read about peoples thoughts on music, their new musical discoveries, a mix tape you made, concert reviews, a random funny journal entry about something related to music, NOT how emo you are.

    last, to get some band links, I will turn the last part of this entry into a wish for new commendations. I feel like I have fallen into the indie and singer-songwriter pit and finding it hard to get out. don't get me wrong, I love/like Death Cab for Cutie and such, but I wish more of Pink Floyd, Wolfmother and Bigbang could be on the list. I want something that screams summer + guitarsolo + pure energic rock. and I want to find this summer's ultimate summersong. 8)

    sure, I have listened to Foo Fighters and Muse lately. but these are old favorites, and I want new discoveries. 8)
  • when the cover is better than the original

    29 jun 2006, 21:40

    I am amazed that sometimes a cover can be quite much better than the original. and it is odd to think that a man/woman's art work can be portrayed better by another person. but this again, shows that every song has a potential to be great. in every tune there is a potential, and if that tune is put in the hans of the right person it can, if not just go nearer, even fullfill, it's potential. I am convinced that if you took the core of, let's say, Britney Spears "toxic" stripped it of it's fake mixing room sounds, changed the lyrics about, added some real instruments, perhaps introduced a violin solo it could reach to having some point of diginity

    now here is my list over songs that I can come up with, at the top of my head, that so far has been better as a cover:

    #1 Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah.
    not really a surprising choice. originally sung by Leonard Cohen and covered many times, noone beats Jeff. Cohen's own version is good, and so is for instance Rufus Wainwright's interpretation of it that was used in the Shrek Movie, but noone has captured the essence of the song better than Jeff Buckley. from the first sigh at the beginning of the cover version Jeff Buckley brings a natural serenity to the song

    #2 Gary Jules - mad world
    originally a song by Tears for Fears, gary jules' version is much more known, due to the fact that this was the song featured in cult-hit film Donnie Darko. and also, because it simply is much better. originally a more electronic and rushed sound can be found in the original, but Gary Jules has changed it to a more quiet more slow version which brings out the lyrics so much more.

    #3 José González - heartbeats
    The Knife is a swedish group who has this original, which is a much more electronic harsh version. with Jose covering it it gets hushed down with the only instrument accompanying Jose voice and the lyrics being an acoustic guitar, which gives the song a more fragile appearance instead of the harsh cold The Knife version

    #4 Moneybrother - brannö serenad
    this song is originally by Håkan Hellström, famous swedish singer-songwriter and Håkan's version is quite the treat too, but Moneybrother covered with such brilliance and intensity, accompanied by just a piano at a tv-show a couple of months ago it almost felt like it was his song.

    #5 Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) - the man who sold the world
    I grew up listening to Nirvana, and though I don't listen to them that much anymore they still holds a special place in my heart. this song, originally by David Bowie, was covered at the MTV unplugged session they did in '93. Kurt Cobain owe much to the fact that this cover version really beats the original, in my opinion. with his voice he really makes the song his own and it really does feel like he is singing about himself. this makes it even more haunting

    edit (to add a song I forgot to mention)
    #6 Jimi Hendrix - all along the watchtower
    I cannot believe I actually forgot this song in my first posts about covers that are better than the original. this Bob Dylan song, is one of the best jimi hendrix songs in my own opinion. and Jimi really knows how to make this his own. that is probably why I forgot it too. it's hard to think of it as a cover song, since what Jimi does with it really goes beyond borders. sure, bob dylan's version is good, but Jimi really bright it out with his, as always, excellent guitarplay.

    last, I would also like to mention how Cat Power does a very good cover of Michael Hurley's "the werewolf".

    and how, even though it is impossible to do a better cover of Pink Floyd's wish you were here. Sparklehorse (with Radiohead) is one of the few who succeeds in making an ok alternative version of it,that very well can be listened to, featured on the Lords of Dogtown soundtrack.

    edit: other covers worth mentioning
    Sean Lennon - julia (cover of John Lennon : such a fragile version, quite quite beautiful.
    Fiona Apple - across the universe (cover of The Beatles : a very haunting version.
    Feist - inside & out (cover of Bee Gees : proof that there is potential in every tune out there to be greater than it is.
    edit II:
    Katie Melua - just like heaven (cover of The Cure. on some days I find myself liking the cure's better, on other days it's this one.