• Preparing Aksak Duet recording

    24 sep 2007, 14:18

    Podarces is preparing a record session with Duo Aksak, a contemporary classical flûte and piano duet. The duet will come especially to Paris to make some concerts and be recorded by Podarces in November 2007.
  • paradoxal copy protection.

    31 dec 2006, 07:03

    A very anonying experience:

    * last weeek: I buy a lot of CDs, that's a fact..

    * afternoon: I bought a CD that was "copy protected"
    * evening: I put it on my hifi CD player and the player tells

    "Error: Unfinalized CD"

    * night: Oh i cannot listen to music with my hi-fi chain... ah... ok... turn on the radio, with anger...

    * sleep/dream

    * second day: I take my old computer
    * morning: I put the "copy protected" CD in it and wait.. fortunately, The CD does not mounts: i can access to the CD because i do not have the "required software configuration" (yes, again paradoxal)

    * noon: I raw copy all tracs and make my CD clone
    afternoon: My engraved clone works on my Hi-fi chain.

    So: a (strong) "copy protected" that i cannot listen on the standard hi-fi and that i actually have to copy and clone (in about 3 clicks) in order to lisen it... we are in a fantastic world.

    Anyway, i still have the guenine cover, but inside the plate is mine.
  • surprising border effects

    12 dec 2006, 16:45

    i recently heard the "programmed piano" from kruhft.

    i had _pleasure_ both to hear those (as far as i can tell) semi-conducted and wandering notes from the piano, and also to have _fun being introduced to the CLM_ by learning as a child the lisp code fragment written on the disc cover.

    thank you, so.
  • finding (free) music by independent artists

    15 jan 2006, 23:51

    while trying to find free music of independant artists through, i was very disapointed that google does not (yet?) parse multimedia file tags (e.g: ogg / id3 / mkv ...) in order to search artists name and copyright of music distributed over the web. So, it could be a very exciting project to make a multimedia search engine that parses and caches and store file tags...

    Anyway, i finally found that generally (but not always), OGG and FLAC files are made by artists who's copyright is not infriged if i download (and listen) the file. So i made a quick javascript using google in order to find freely accessible OGG music and video. Thus, with this javascript, i found in a few seconds 3 independent artists who make nice and free music, and some theora files of technical conferences and also live concerts !

    in the hope this could help to discover new artists and promote them, here is my current search page:

    Be aware that you must previously be sure the artist's copyright is not infriged when you download their music.
  • Gretchen Lieberum : a warm warm voice

    14 jan 2006, 16:31

    Gretchen Lieberum has released 3 albums along with her arranger and pianist Jacob Eliah Aginsky. She has a marvelous voice and her music, mainly in style, is a pleasure to listen. It tastes like a good Bordeaux red wine. She has a warm warm voice.

    Her first album 3 A.M. released in 1999 was a nice one. Her second album Brand New Morning was more . Her last album Siren Songs comfort her particular style merging jazz and electronic arrangements. I hope she will give concerts in Europe.

    Her last album:
  • Uncle Moe's Space Ranch

    14 jan 2006, 02:16

    Guitarists Brett Garsed and T.J. Helmerich have released a nice album with Paul Chambers and several other fine musicians, called Uncle Moe's Space Ranch (here taged as an artist). This album is really a great disc and a good way to discover the Brett Garsed - T.J. Helmerich duo who made several and recordings.
  • a tribute to Led Zeppelin's music

    13 jan 2006, 20:22

    In year 2005, the ONJ (National Jazz French Orchestra) had a new artistic director : Franck Tortiller.

    Their new record 'Close to Heaven' featuring Xavier Garcia (sampler/keyboards) is a tribute to Led Zeppelin's work.

    Franck is both a vibraphone player and a composer.
    In year 2004, he began to write versions of original
    Led Zeppelin's best tunes and proposed the orchestra to play them.
    This disc has been recorded with:
    Franck Tortiller (vibraphone),
    Patric Héral (percussions, voice),
    Yves Torchinsky (double-bass),
    David Pourradier-Duteil (drums),
    Eric Séva (saxophones),
    Jean-Louis Pommier (trombone),
    Vincent Limouzin (percussions),
    Michel Marre (tuba, flugelhorn),
    Jean Gobinet (trumpet),
    and Xavier Garcia (keyboards, samples).
  • about Franck Tortiller

    13 jan 2006, 19:51

    Franck Tortiller is a fine vibraphone player and a composer (mainly in the style).

    His album Vitis vinifera has been mainly written for a string quartet and solo instruments like vibraphone, cello or trumpet, and a rythmic section (drums and double-bass).

    His music is really fine, very sensitive and intimate.

    Since year 2005, Franck tortiller is the artistical director of the ONJ (the national french jazz orchestra).