Similar artists chain - 8th level


14 dec 2006, 09:49

Top artist as of 2006-12-14 : Tactical Sekt

Let's go through the 8th most similar artist (or 7th if the 8th is already in the list, etc.) :

1. Hocico
2. God Module
3. Funker Vogt
4. Apoptygma Berzerk
5. Neuroticfish
6. Nannambulu
7. Culture Kultür
8. Absurd Minds
9. Rotersand
11. Icon of Coil (6th similar from previous)
12. Suicide Commando
13. VNV Nation
14. Project Pitchfork
15. In Strict Confidence
16. Covenant (7th similar from previous)
17. And One
18. Welle:Erdball
19. Deine Lakaien
20. L'Âme Immortelle
21. Terminal Choice (7th similar from previous)
22. Cephalgy (6th similar from previous) - first band I have never listened to
23. Snow in China
24. Angels & Agony
25. Evil's Toy (7th similar from previous)
26. T.O.Y. (6th similar from previous) - second band I have never listened to nor heard about
27. De/Vision (7th similar from previous)
28. Assemblage 23 (7th similar from previous)
29. Seabound - I have not listened to them alot
30. Stromkern (7th similar from previous) - ditto
31. Informatik (6th similar from previous) - never listened to
32. Lights of Euphoria
33. Pride and Fall - only know them by name
34. Glis (5th similar from previous)
35. The Retrosic (6th similar from previous)
36. Solitary Experiments (7th similar from previous)
37. Agonoize
38. Aslan Faction (7th similar from previous)
39. Dulce Liquido (7th similar from previous)
40. Feindflug (7th similar from previous)
41. xotox
42. Grendel
43. Combichrist (5th similar from previous)
44. Panzer AG (6th similar from previous)
45. Amduscia (7th similar from previous)
46. Unter Null
47. Psyclon Nine

Unable to go any further : all the 8 most similar artists have already been listed !

Interesting facts :
- there are only a few bands I have never heard of, and only a bit more I don't listen to regurlarly, so overall, that list will not make me discover many news bands... I guess that's what happens when your favorite genres are so underground and not mainstream...

- From roughly 4 to 35, the artist are mostly synthpop, before reverting to dark electro, making a kind of loop... I think I'll try another list taking the FIRST similar artist and see if I can get out of that loop... or if I end up in a dead end again.

- speaking of the dead end itself, I was planning to keep going up to 50, but it confirms that my favorite music genres make a very small scene, with bands closely connected together. A rather sad fact, IMO... I wish more people would listen to, like and MAKE such music, instead of rap/hip hop/rnb/techno/pop/rock...


  • takinokawa

    Just 'cause it's a small genre doesn't make it uncool. :) It takes a talented artist[s] to make good synthpop.

    16 dec 2006, 14:36
  • breversa

    Well I do like some synthpop bands, but I was simply surprised to notice that the chain went so quickly to synthpop and then REVERSED back to dark electro. Funny.

    16 dec 2006, 16:56
  • cryon

    I agree a 100% with you. We seem to have a somewhat similair music taste, and it feels like I see the same old (not saying they're bad) bands over and over again here on The latest band I found that was good in the harsh/dark electro-genre was Derma-Tek and that was some months ago. Hopefully 2007 will reveal itself as a good year for darker electronic music with many new artists in the genre! cheers!

    2 jan 2007, 02:08
  • breversa

    Hi Cryon, and thx for your comment. If you're looking for new bands to discover, you may want to have a look at my previous journal entries. I'm pretty sure you'll like what you'll find... ;-)

    2 jan 2007, 12:00
  • Killing_Dawn

    Wow, perhaps my tastes/musical range is ALOT wider then I thought not only have I heard of pretty much every single band, I like most of them. The only one I don't think i've ever listened to, whose name I recognize, is Xotox #41...?!? Interesting, however being someone knowledgable of the above list, I totally see your point, although the similiar artist tool is alot better then on some other sites, which give some of the most obscure/bizarre references. But, for instance Panzer Ag & Combichrist are both projects from Andy Laplegua- so i'd have assumed they would've been right next to each other, closely followed with Icon of Coil (also a band fronted by the same man) Oh well, I can probably suggest some names, if you're ever looking to stumble onto some groovy new tunes *hehe*

    18 mar 2007, 19:08
  • breversa

    Hi Killing_Dawn, and thanks for your input ! xotox is a industrial/powernoise band not unlike Feindflug, but without the war imagery. I warmly suggest Psi if you wanna give a try. :-) And as for suggestions, yours are, of course, welcome. ;-)

    19 mar 2007, 07:43
  • Killing_Dawn

    Alrighty, to make this a bit easier on myself, since I don't know who and/or what you've heard of- i'm going to assume you're main genres of interest are Noise & Harsh EBM. And, with that in mind, i'm going to private message you with a fairly long(ish) list of recommendations...?!? Wait for it *winks*

    19 mar 2007, 15:09
  • breversa

    My, thank you ! ^^ But check my top artists list and you'll see what I love... ;-)

    19 mar 2007, 15:36
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