Top Ten Favourite Artists


12 jun 2006, 21:46

Pick ten favorite musicians/bands. List the first song you ever heard of theirs, the song you fell in love with and your current favorite song.

Sufjan Stevens
First -Chicago
Fell In Love With - The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades
Current Favourite - The Dress Looks Nice on You

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
First - Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away
Fell In Love With - Blue Turning Gray
Current Favourite - Gimme Some Salt

David Bowie
First - Starman
Fell In Love With - Eight Line Poem
Current Favourite - Life On Mars?

Zero 7
First - In the Waiting Line
Fell In Love With - Home
Current Favourite - Pageant Of The Bizarre

The Fiery Furnaces
First - Seven Silver Curses
Fell In Love With - Chris Michaels
Current Favourite - Blueberry Boat

First - Susan's House
Fell In Love With - Jeannie's Diary
Current Favourite - Wooden Nickels

Bob Dylan
First - Lay Lady Lay
Fell In Love With - Buckets of Rain
Current Favourite - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

First - Paranoid Android
Fell In Love With - Everything in Its Right Place
Current Favourite - Pyramid Song

First - Carry Me
Fell In Love With - Celebrate
Current Favourite - Too Real

System of a Down
First - Toxicity
Fell In Love With - Peephole
Current Favourite - Stealing Society


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