Top 5 Albums That Changed The Way I Hear Music


12 apr 2007, 09:36

Adapted from an oink thread

This is not necessarily a Top 5 favorite albums list. This is about the Top 5 albums that changed my musical perception the first time I've experienced them.

1. Frizzle Fry. This album made me realize that I like fun and experimentalism in music. Before primus I had a huge RATM Korn phase which was all seriousness. But hearing Primus combining fun and good music I was hooked. This lead me into a whole other realm of music. Basicly after this I discovered Mr. Bungle and even Frank Zappa, but Primus were a first.

2. Director's Cut. Like I said Primus pushed me towards Mr. Bungle I knew Faith No More already but knowing Mr. Bungle tought me to appreciate fnm more. Fantômas was a whole other ball game. Man metal music this abstract this void of muscle man with motercycles and or swords. Totally my thing and still there is a sense of humor a twisted way of saying come on your crazy listening to this but not really because there is so much beaty in this chaos. Fantômas thouhgt me the beauty of chaos and lead me to Dillenger Escape Plan, Isis etc. It also renewed my love for Meshuggah (may be it should be meshuggah here because I listened to them way earlier)

Now the entries are not chronological anymore because nowadays I reinvent music all the time Thanks Oink :)

3. Bohren und der Club of Gore. This band on Ipecac with their skull logo didn't appeal to me but it was on ipecac so I checked it anyway. And boy was it a surprise not a noise guitar based band. But a gloomy jazz/drone band. But still I couldn't do much with it, It was to monotonous. In short I didn't get it, until I went to NYC for 6 months (i live in the netherlands so it was quite the trip) being there quite alone, just focusing on my scientific internship it dawned on me. This band is amazing I started putting it on before I went to sleep but it became more and more a thing that stuck in my head. This band lead me into the whole drone scene Sunno))) etc. But they are still way on top of that scene in my head. Also this lead me to jazz in general another style I didn't get. Not to mention it made me love the whole post-rock thing Mono, Gybe and so on

4. Kind of Blue. Around the same time as bohren, I started to listen to jazz so I started with the classic. And boy did it make sense :) haha But I guess the city of new York had a lot to do with it. Jazz just makes sense in NYC even the crazy stuff by John Zorn and friends Is easily understood while watching NYC traffic.

5. Venetian Snares- Rocsz cillat ... This album renewed my taste for aggressive electronic music, even though the album itself is not agressive at all it showed me why I liked "gabber" music when I was little. I used to listen solely to this hardcore electronic music up till my fourteenth and then I noticed I was listening to RATM alot and buying gabber EP's so a threw the EP's in a corner and never listen to them again. But with venetian snares I got my EPs and listened to them again. And they were utter crap I was wise to throw them away but Anyway now I know that there is better aggressive electronic music out there. This lead me to Bong-Ra and breakcore in general.


  • heliopath

    i like this journal, really interesting. i love how one band can introduce you to multiple very different styles of music.

    13 apr 2007, 18:16
  • Malamuitten

    I also like this. Nice charts, by the way.

    14 apr 2007, 14:00
  • OnionPalac

    Fun journey - I have yet to listen to much of Bohren & der Club of Gore.

    18 apr 2007, 02:57
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