In the midst of love I am a fool


5 nov 2010, 01:39

Yes. That's the way it is. Someone, decide to bury me.

Feel like writing something, but the creative well has dried up, so that sort of writing is out of the question... So why not do something pointless? Isn't that my forté?

Here's a few songs that make me suffer less. Or so I'd like to believe...

Otis Redding - A Change Is Gonna Come

Smokey Robinson - Being With You

Elvis Presley - You Don't Know Me

Crystal Castles - Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith)

Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother

Håkan Hellström - Jag vet vilken dy hon varit i

Alton Ellis - Cry Tough

Morrissey - Nobody Loves Us

The Smiths - Paint a Vulgar Picture (demo)

Fatboy - Memories Of Us

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone

Tim Kasher - The Prodigal Husband

Johnny Burnette - Dreamin'

Billy Fury - King for Tonight

That's it. And now what? Hand me those classifieds...


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