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  • Kjetsaa

    Mucha suerte.

    6 nov 2013 Svara
  • alexisvos

    hey viv, some the indiepop way that you just might like

    14 dec 2008 Svara
  • SiscoDisco

    well actually mens pocky are real. based in melbourne. go search for them on myspace, you will be amazed by their musical genius. yeh i got caught up and couldnt attend ur bday bash unfortunately but i hear it was hoppin...

    4 dec 2006 Svara
  • Sherry

    Welcome to the FoTC group :)

    3 dec 2006 Svara
  • CornEatsMan

    Yes, ghettochip is my favorite song of all time. Guero however was too over hyped, too mainstream oriented, not too creative and i believe receved extreme pressure from his label. I like the Information more, a lot more. How about Midnite Vultures for best album?

    30 nov 2006 Svara
  • SiscoDisco

    vivek? i believe we have met but no doubt you will have forgotten my generic, white face (although it is useful when it comes to spying). yes i believe we had coffee at gloria jeans with leo and various other scotch-eeeees..

    29 nov 2006 Svara
  • shirleebee

    well then you understood the idea of it perfectly ;)

    28 nov 2006 Svara
  • szizalaki

    Great avatar :]

    5 nov 2006 Svara
  • ormi_

    Thank you :D Yeah, well it is based on Crash by JG Ballard so I guess in some weird way it's erotic...

    26 okt 2006 Svara
  • bisento

    oh well in NSW HSC exams start now, at my school we start the academic year in term 4 of the calendar year, so that we have 4 terms of y12. So i've just started y12. lol, lots of work ahead of me. good luck with your exams, btw! :)

    20 okt 2006 Svara
  • bisento

    are you y12 or y11? i'm only starting y12 now, so just fin y11. I don't have HSC (where in Aus are you) exams (except accelerated maths) but already lots of work from start of y12 haha

    20 okt 2006 Svara
  • Masonstein

    Dude I don't know what to tell ya. I got Fergie as a joke and laughed at it for like a week, and now it just won't go away! As for Weird Al, I'm guilty... The Residents are geniuses, no doubt. I listen to 'em a lot more on my iPod than on my computer. They are not really as dorm friendly as they are an earphones listening band.

    18 okt 2006 Svara
  • bisento

    hello mr. bjeck! we do seem to have a similar taste in music...i am inspired to explore some of your fav's i don't know...when i have less work and more money :)

    15 okt 2006 Svara
  • ad_man63

    Thanks :D

    12 okt 2006 Svara
  • UnsentLetter

    yeas yeas, JD are one of my fav bands, and one of my fav artists is Elliot Smith, it just wont show i listen to him so muhc =S

    12 okt 2006 Svara
  • paperboats

    :) you're an aussie. therefore your accent must be delightful. & you have a pretty good music taste. so yeah, you're a winner in my book even though you're not capable of bringing sexy back. yet. ;P

    8 okt 2006 Svara
  • cutcopypaste

    I'm no expert on Xiu Xiu, but to me the new album is quite strong. Probably the best time I've had listening to them. 'Air Force' alone is extremely awesome. The rest is quite cool, too. It's not my favourite kind of music, but it's pretty sweet.

    15 sep 2006 Svara
  • rraaee

    hmm a public holiday? thats interesting because here its election day [not a big one just local though] but every couple of years its a presidential election on my birthday.

    13 aug 2006 Svara
  • schizodanny

    The Residents. Oh. Best avatar ever.

    8 aug 2006 Svara
  • superhelga

    Hello lil` BigEyeAussie. I asked cause you were shouting yodeling & residents in the same sentence over at talking_animals. Witch made me jomp for joy. Yodeling residents would have been such a treat. Oh well. A good day to you.

    28 jul 2006 Svara
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