They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget…


29 nov 2011, 12:01

They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget home-made friendly local new wave !

Passive ? Active ? A question of era and comfort, maybe...

Regional news ? Evolution of bands and styles in your town ? Underrated bands you know ?

>>> Fanzine : write a short wiki (even "non"-neutral : special authorization) + links to samples, then share the link to your thread / article with your friends.
Indie, electro, post-punk, psyche, mod, funky, ethereal, pop, transe, dream, doom, punk, stoner... All thing other than L. Gaga & sponsored stuff !

And... Suggest connexions. Cheers :-)
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