Love it!


27 nov 2006, 16:27

I think 'The Lengths' is officially my favorite song this fall. This one is going on that list for if I ever get stuck on a desert island (preferably not one which involves the HANSO Foundation).

The Black Keys - The Lengths
Tell me where you're going or
What is going wrong
I felt you leavin' before you'd even gone
And hold me now
Or never ever hold me again
No more talk can take me from this pain I'm in
See the moonlight shinin'
On your window pane see it leave you
As faithful as it came
Please yourself so you don't have to be afraid
Make amends or carry on another way
Tell me what you were thinkin' to treat somebody so
The care he took, the lengths to which he'd go
Coals are hot to walk across without your shoes
But in the end know that you got nothin' to lose

The Black Keys
The Lengths
Rubber Factory


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