• Kalafina concert with band <3

    22 maj 2013, 15:27

    Fri 17 May – ACen 2013

    I have seen Kalafina live with and without their live band now, and having live musicians really makes it so much better! Even if the violin player couldn't make it. The sound mix was off balance the first couple of songs (vocals were turned up way too loud) but it got fixed quickly. They started slightly late but still managed to pack in 16 songs (a mix of their new material from Consolation and their songs featured in anime, with the exception of Red Moon and Ongaku) and a bunch of stage banter, mostly in English no less :) Hikaru's English pronunciation is exceptional and she seemed the most confident of the three. The others seemed a little shy about their English abilities but Keiko made up for it by saying everything in an exaggerated, excited voice :)

    BEST live performance of Magia I have ever heard. I was worried because all the videos I'd seen and the singers-only live performance of Magia I'd attended just had something missing from them, but this time everyone was on key and the full energy of the recording was there. None of the songs seemed shaky, not even their new ones (Consolation and Red Moon were especially good live, considering how intense they are). I also have a new-found love for Manten and Mirai :)

    Some people were unhappy that others like me were standing up and dancing and fist pumping and clapping and singing along during songs they liked (the ones from Madoka Magica were particularly well received). Unless you're going to the symphony or the opera, concerts are for ROCKING OUT with your favorite band around OTHER FANS. Dancing and waving your arms is the easiest, quickest way to tell the musicians on stage that you are enjoying their show without disrupting their performance, and it can be even more fun when you're part of a big group of like-minded people. Sorry I'm not sorry you're boring and hate being out in public. You made that choice. If you want to sit quietly in the dark and watch them with no people to bug you, go home and watch a concert DVD, or hire them for a private concert.

    Also got to go to an autograph signing immediately after the show, something they didn't do in Los Angeles, and tell them to their faces it has been my dream to see their live concert with a band and that they bring joy to my life. (Studying Japanese all this time was worth it if only for that, though it has also been worth it for so many other reasons.) All I remember thinking was that they are much more petite in person than I had imagined. They seem larger than life when standing on stage. :) Wakana and Keiko were fairly upbeat but Hikaru seemed tired. I don't blame her - it was almost midnight, she just sang for two hours (and was probably really worked up about it beforehand), and jet lag is rough.

    As Keiko put it, "I am MANY MANY MANY HAPPY". Me too!! <3 Many many many happy that you and your band were able to come all the way to Chicago and put on a great show for people who love you and Kalafina and what they do :) Come back! We love you <3 and bring Konno-san the violin player and Kajiura-sensei with you. <3