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  • useful_tool

    you're welcome!

    4 aug 10:51 Svara
  • pentabase

    Thanks for the add Alexis, Always nice to see similar minds ;)

    31 maj 08:27 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Thx! Don't work too hard! Health is more important! :D I went to a far place to take pics of horses today. I could see some fine horses! :) I added their pics to my FB page. See them if you want. :) Wish you can take some day off. Have a nice week too! :)

    6 maj 08:23 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Hi Alexis, what are you up to? :) I actually had a surgery 3 days ago! I was so surprised! I proved to have a stomach ulcer when I had an exam of esophagitis. Luckily, it was found before getting worse, and Dr. removed it perfectly. This is a good news. But I was so silly that I worked as usual after that. And my pain got worse, so I took a day off today.:} This is a bad news.:} I felt health is the most important intensely! Take care of yourself too! I'll talk to you soon! :)

    5 maj 12:01 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Really!? I cannot imagine what's it like! I always sing and shout and do head-banging and jump at metal show! lol haha, you said the same thing with my husband! He complained "I can hear nothing!!" when I took him to my fav band's show! hahaha! Thx, enjoy your Sunday too! xoxo:)

    20 apr 06:20 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    wow, really!? Lucky you!! I've never gone to concerts of instrumental music bands...did you listen sitting on chair? If I was there after night shift, I may have slept! lol Have a nice weekend! Take care! :)

    18 apr 10:19 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Hey Alexis! I'm still hanging in there! lol How's you? I haven't taken the exam yet. I'll take it on June. I couldn't study last month coz I was toooooooo busy. I worked 10 hours or more almost every day. And what is worse, my husband came down with a fever. Luckily, It wasn't from a critical illness. But I thought he was very tired too, so I'm doing all the housekeeping now. What rotten luck! But I enjoyed Miss May I's show the day before yesterday soooooo much!! :D They were perfect! My neck hurt from too much head banging, haha! lol

    14 apr 00:11 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Thx!<3<3 I'll take the exam on April or June. I'll hang in there!

    10 jan 12:43 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    This is my first try. I've taken another English tests and passed them but they were not ones with the emphasis on communication skills. To pass TOEIC I have to learn so many difficult and unusual words. I've been studying every day. For example, you usually don't use the word "approximately", don't you? I think most ppl use "about" instead of it. I'm learning words like that now...I almost bit my tongue!:P Haha, I want more vacation too! lol I gotta start working again day after tomorrow.:P

    3 jan 07:52 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Actually, I'll take TOEIC examination this year. So I've been studying during holidays, since I'm usually busy at work. I've not been working hard for WRR recently.:P But we'll start giveaway soon. So I have to work a little harder.:} How are you doing these days?

    2 jan 07:38 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    A Happy New Year, Alexis! Actually, I have a hangover...ewwwww

    31 dec 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Very Merry Christmas Alexis! Wish you have a Happy New Year! xoxo:)

    26 dec 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Haha, I recently listen to only "crazy shout stuffs"(by JD)! lol But also listen to some post-metal/rock, ambient sometimes...like these: http://wayofabyss.bandcamp.com/ Do you like this kind of music? :-) Keith left from Adelitasway to make his own music. I hope we can listen to new Copper's song soon! <3<3 But Derek will leave from the band soon, too. Wish their new album will be released without delay. It is due to be released at the early in 2014.

    24 nov 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    ooh, long time no talk!:P aww...I want a short break too!! My addiction to metal is getting worse day after day. I recently purchase 1 album a week...crazy! lol Thx, have a nice weekend too!:) Oh, and WRR hold giveaway in January. You may want some prizes, though prizes from me is all for metalhead! Prizes from me are CD etc of MyGrain and The Interbeing, All That Remains, Means End. Oh, There are some goods for softee! Days Of Jupiter and Disciple and Modern Echo's CD!. lol I'll let you know again when we decide the detail! :) Take care!

    23 nov 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    hi Alexis! I went to Hiroshima and posted a ton of pics to FB! :) I could take pics of Mt.Fuji(the highest mountain in Japan) from the airplane! It was a chance in a million! So excited! See them when you have time! :)

    16 sep 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    I promote for the station as ever. I've been doing it harder than old staffs from before!! lol And I'll mediate between new band and the station. If I have enough time, I really want to be a DJ tho! Haha!

    8 sep 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    oh, no prob! I just cannot help sharing whenenver I find good music! lol It's like a disease! Haha! Btw, finally I've got involved in World Rock Radio! I'm one of staff of WRR now! lol

    8 sep 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    hi Alexis! How are you doing? The new album by Way Of Abyss was pretty good. Way Of Abyss make electronic atmospheric metal, post-rock, post-metal, ambient and so on. Be sure to listen to them! I think you'll like em! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Thw7tFYTRA&feature=youtu.be

    26 aug 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    Thx, Alexis! you too! :) I heard the right time when JD's show starts is 6:00pm EDT(not EST). There are too many time zones in the US! I'm often confused! lol I wish some of my friends tune in and comfort him! The other day, I said I was tired of his "soft playlist" for a joke. Then everyone was amused and called him "SoftCockJD"!! It became his new nick name on World Rock Radio! I really pity him!!! Teehee!!

    15 aug 2013 Svara
  • wild_sachan

    The winner of Battle of the Band can get a backup to release songs and to play show. Yay!! Two bands I'm supporting are the finalist!! :) About Russian Circles, I like their heavy tunes like Batu. And love Death Rides A Horse! thx!:) I think their music is so atmospheric! Btw, can you tune in JD's radio on the 24th? It's his 1st show on new World Rock Radio! and I will send a ton of requests!! 6-9pm Est as always, and url is here>> http://www.worldrockradio.com/ pls tune in if you can!! :)

    11 aug 2013 Svara
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