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Alice in ChainsCheck My Brain Taggad oktober 2009
Queens of the Stone AgeEverybody Knows That You Are Insane Taggad augusti 2009
Karma to BurnThirty Three Taggad april 2009
TruckfightersNitro Taggad april 2009
The Atomic BitchwaxAin't Nobody Gonna Hang Me in My Home Taggad april 2009
The Atomic BitchwaxStork Theme Taggad april 2009
The D4Invader Ace Taggad april 2009
Bloc PartyHelicopter Taggad mars 2009
BeatsteaksHand In Hand Taggad januari 2009
Tokyo Sex DestructionFirst day Taggad januari 2009
NirvanaDrain You Taggad januari 2009
HelmetYou Borrowed Taggad december 2008
Foo FightersGood Grief Taggad november 2008
CujoDo You Know What It Means? Taggad november 2008
Queens of the Stone AgeFirst It Giveth Taggad oktober 2008
Death from Above 1979Blood on Our Hands Taggad september 2008
Blues ExplosionMars, Arizona Taggad september 2008
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubSpread Your Love Taggad september 2008
AutoluxBlanket Taggad september 2008
FridgePoisonous Ink Clouds Taggad juli 2008
Two Lone SwordsmenNo Girl In My Plan Taggad juli 2008
Van HalenYou Really Got Me Taggad juli 2008
ZZ TopLa Grange Taggad juni 2008
Nine Inch NailsDemon Seed Taggad juni 2008
CreamOutside Woman Blues Taggad maj 2008
Nine Inch NailsDiscipline Taggad maj 2008
Foo FightersMy Hero Taggad maj 2008
The SonicsHe's Waitin' Taggad maj 2008
Lenny KravitzAre You Gonna Go My Way Taggad maj 2008
KyussThumb Taggad april 2008
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceKilling Floor Taggad april 2008
The KinksAll Day and All of the Night Älskad låt Taggad april 2008
The SonicsHave Love Will Travel Älskad låt Taggad april 2008
The StoogesNo Fun Taggad april 2008
Jimi HendrixFire Älskad låt Taggad april 2008
HelmetUnsung Taggad april 2008
Queens of the Stone AgeNo One Knows Taggad april 2008
Queens of the Stone AgeLittle Sister Taggad mars 2008
The (International) Noise ConspiracyNew Empire Blues Älskad låt Taggad mars 2008
The RakesT Bone Älskad låt Taggad mars 2008
LadytronSeventeen (soulwax Mix) (Album Version) Älskad låt Taggad mars 2008
The Teenage IdolsHot Love Taggad mars 2008
Foo FightersThis Is A Call Taggad mars 2008
The HivesDie, All Right! Taggad mars 2008
Juliette and the LicksMindful Of Daggers Taggad mars 2008
Death from Above 1979Go Home, Get Down Älskad låt Taggad mars 2008
Louis XIVFinding Out True Love Is Blind Taggad mars 2008
The Dirty FeelGet Down Taggad mars 2008
Yo La Tengopass the hatchet Taggad mars 2008
The KnackMy Sharona Taggad mars 2008
Willy DeVilleIt's So Easy Taggad februari 2008
Halfway to GoneThee Song (A Slight Return) Taggad februari 2008
Karma to BurnTwenty Eight Taggad februari 2008
Brant BjorkLow Desert Punk Taggad februari 2008
The (International) Noise ConspiracyDead Language of Love Taggad februari 2008
Sex PistolsAnarchy in the U.K. Taggad februari 2008
The Beta BandOut-Side Taggad februari 2008
Fu ManchuGrendel, Snowman Taggad februari 2008
Kings of LeonTaper Jean Girl Taggad februari 2008
The Black Keys10 A.M. Automatic Taggad februari 2008
FunkadelicSuper Stupid Taggad februari 2008
Chicks On SpeedFor All the Boys in the World Taggad februari 2008
JetGet What You Need Taggad februari 2008
The KooksYou Don't Love Me Taggad februari 2008
KyussHurricane Taggad februari 2008
Le TigreLe Tigre-Deceptacon Taggad februari 2008
Pearl JamAlive Taggad februari 2008
WhiteyHahaha Taggad januari 2008
The Cooper Temple ClauseHomo Sapiens Taggad januari 2008
Division of Laura LeeNumber One Taggad januari 2008
Division of Laura LeeWe've Been Planning This for Years Taggad januari 2008
MillionaireI'm on a High Taggad januari 2008
Ikara ColtSink Venice Taggad januari 2008
The D4Come On! Taggad januari 2008
The (International) Noise ConspiracySmash It Up Taggad januari 2008
Hadouken!Liquid Lives (Original Version) Taggad januari 2008
The BlendThrow Down for Tomorrow Taggad januari 2008
The Hives02 Main Offender Taggad januari 2008
The CrampsI'm Customized Taggad januari 2008
Black WireVery Gun Taggad januari 2008
Jack Off JillDevil With the Black Dress On Taggad januari 2008
The KinksYou Really Got Me Taggad januari 2008
Arctic MonkeysChoo Choo Taggad januari 2008
Foo FightersWeenie Beenie Taggad januari 2008
Beastie BoysTough Guy Taggad januari 2008
RadioheadJust Taggad december 2007
SparklehorseIt's Not So Hard Taggad december 2007
Death from Above 1979You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Taggad december 2007
Queens of the Stone AgeLost Art Of Keeping A Secret Taggad december 2007
The Hives04 Die, All Right! Taggad december 2007
The (International) Noise ConspiracyUp For Sale (Album Version) Taggad december 2007
SoulwaxE-Talking Taggad december 2007
The StrokesSomeday Taggad december 2007
SoulwaxMuch Against Everyone's Advice Älskad låt Taggad december 2007
The VinesHighly Evolved Taggad december 2007
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosionbig road Taggad december 2007
Arctic MonkeysThe View from the Afternoon Taggad december 2007
Death from Above 1979Going Steady Älskad låt Taggad december 2007
Juliette and the LicksSticky Honey Taggad december 2007
MuseAssassin Taggad december 2007