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Om mig

I am a quiet person who just enjoys the sound of and very few carefully selected none Artist.

I like my music independent from the main stream music industry.

My Infected Mushroom Albums. :-D They just rule the entire scene.
They have been making there stuff since 1998 so they are true veterans.

Jean Michel Jarre is where the roots of my music taste lays, his music means a great deal to me.

I know some of the albums are missing but just haven't got my hands on them yet.

Nephew is some what different to what I usually listens to.
But their music have some thing different to it that really makes it unique.
Perhaps because the artists has put allot of themselves in to making this music.

The KLF!
Now here are some releases you won't see every day.
Two of the Promos are even signed by Ricardo Da Force. :-)
The white label The Train to Trancentral claims on German that it is a Master.

Here is some of my other artefacts none of those CD's have been easy to find since I live in Scandinavia.

Astral Projection was some of the first I bought.

Hallucinogen Was actually the very first I heard with this track Gamma Goblins.

Koxbox A former Danish duo and from what I know they are not producing any more.
Let me know if I am mistaken. :-S

Total Eclipse, Growling Mad Scientist And The Antidote I did buy not so long ago in Copenhagen at Sound Station The very same store where I got most my The KLF collection from.

The Pink Floyd CD's and Records in my Collection.
Now why do I have those releases?
Simple, is where the roots of lays and Pink Floyd is all so one of the few artists where you really can hear in the music that they put them self into it.

I actually found the album Dark Side of the Moon among the trash so I saved it.
It is amazing what people throw out these days and that Record plays perfectly.

Boney M Party old school. LOL Got these from my Mother.

U96 is were I first started to listen to Electronic Dance Music back when I was a kid.
The album Das Boot I got from my cousin as a present it already had it's inlay missing then.
He did not want to listen to it any more, but I still do occasionally.
And it was my very first CD.

If you by chance get to Copenhagen Denmark I would warmly recommend giving Sound Station a visit they sell all most anything that is music.
New, old and used on CD's, MD's, MC's and LP,s.

The worlds best media player

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