Top 20 Albums Of 1994, Part One


13 maj 2011, 23:41

20. Green DayDookie

Honesty, this is partially going on here due to nostalgia - it was one of the first albums I ever owned, on cassette no less. Regardless, this is still some seriously catchy music.

19. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Question The Answers

If you lived near Boston in the 90's and were into current punk at all you were basically legally required to like these guys.

18. Weezer - The Blue Album

Maybe it's just my getting disillusioned with their more recent material, but the more I look back at this album, the more I start thinking of it as "just" pretty good. As with Dookie, the hooks are undeniable and it was a major part of my teenage years, but looking back on it there was just a lot of better music coming out around the same time.

17. Pearl Jam - Vitalogy

There are some half-baked experiments (though I like "Bugs" for some reason), but at it's best I honestly find it a more interesting album than either Ten or Vs.

16. Melvins - Stoner Witch

Not as good as Houdini, but still pretty cool. I find the way the tracklist is arranged sort of interesting - they're basically luring the listener in with straightforward grunge/metal, then slowly introducing more and more experimental elements until it all ends in 9 minutes of one slow, floorshaking bassline.

15. Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy

This is right where the list starts dipping into "artists I wish I was cool enough to know about at the time" territory.

14. Beck - Mellow Gold

At the time this was pretty much the weirdest album I had heard, although admittedly that's because I hadn't heard a lot of weird albums.

13. Built to Spill - There Is Nothing Wrong With Love

As great as some of their subsequent albums are (especially Perfect From Now On), I still sort of miss Doug Marstch's "songs about girls and dinosaurs" period.

12. Ween - Chocolate and Cheese

Nowadays I'd pick The Mollusk as their best 90's work, but this has a lot of their classics and is pretty much the pinnacle of their genre-hopping skills.

11. Portishead - Dummy

What can I say? Terrific atmosphere and possibly one of the best vocalists in trip-hop.

Stay tuned for numbers ten through one, coming whenever I remember that I was going to post numbers ten through one.


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