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  • jarolito

    Ozrics Ozrics Ozrics

    20 jun 18:16 Svara
  • andymadden

    been on a soul searching journey, and am now back with a direction. how far I go remains to be seen. unseen forces at work? bad luck ? fate? who knows. got to keep on trying. the music helps. peace to you to all. keep the tunes true and happening

    2 maj 12:44 Svara
  • FarSeeingSeeker

    Lost you somehow from my friends list, so resending friends. Don't know how these things happen. :P

    8 mar 22:20 Svara
  • sploosh999

    "Merry Christmas" to you and yours and a "Happy New Year" from Kirky xxx

    28 dec 2013 Svara

    killer library

    16 dec 2013 Svara
  • sploosh999

    Hi Andy.Sorry I've not said hello for a while but work has taken me outside the UK so I get home infrequently. However, I'm back in Wilts now and will be at home on Tyneside for Xmas. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !! Hope all is well with you and yours

    2 dec 2013 Svara
  • whitebicycle

    cool paintings, man

    25 nov 2013 Svara
  • tiitusnakke

    Great lib man, I should probably check some stuff out from it ;) Cheers from finland!

    25 okt 2013 Svara
  • Azoren24

    Nik Turner! Oresund Space Collective! Astra!

    20 okt 2013 Svara
  • Azoren24

    Try out Nik Turner! Oresund Space Collective Astra

    20 okt 2013 Svara
  • Nochek

    great taste

    7 okt 2013 Svara
  • guruxyu

    ну прям брат по оружию, красками по холстам ....

    31 aug 2013 Svara
  • donjannos

    my sonar caught up some fine space rock vibes coming from this sonic quadrant...

    4 jun 2013 Svara
  • sploosh999

    Hi Andy....long time no see !! Hope all is well with you and yours. I've managed a week-end off and have arrived back on Tyneside to Ark requiring weather !! And...I had to go shopping in Newcastle with the wife...! I suddenly remembered why I like working in Wiltshire !! Not long now until Glasto. Our crew has been making last minute preps to ensure another successful year (ie.. kayaks, life-jackets and snorkels !!!) Happy daze.... cheers4now.

    18 maj 2013 Svara
  • TomatoPureeFuck

    good tunes dude

    16 apr 2013 Svara
  • sploosh999

    Hello hello hello. I am still alive and kicking but have just finished a gruelling time working away all February. I am enjoying a week-end with the family before another 2 week spell Hope all is well with you.

    9 mar 2013 Svara
  • sploosh999

    just managed to reach Tyneside from Wilts before it became "The Day After Tomorrow" and now it's turning into "Waterworld" ........Cheers for the Ozrics downloads and links to Spaceman. Will view tonight when I've time. All the best.

    26 jan 2013 Svara
  • sploosh999

    Rumour --- Ed Wynne's house in California burned down last year destroying all of his archive tapes. Heard anything ??

    11 jan 2013 Svara
  • stonersdelite

    Hi, thanks for adding me!! and respect to you: you are one of the (unfortunately very) few, who listens to the cosmic dead.. keep on doing so!! :)

    11 jan 2013 Svara
  • andymadden

    cleaned up my profile and linked in my new venture: The Spaceman. Custom painted designs for your living space. Fancy a glow in the dark star studded ceiling, but looks ordinary in the daylight? Cosmic ceilings are a speciality! Check out my website:

    11 jan 2013 Svara
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Om mig

Quite ancient (post Jurassic) High Weald hunter-gatherer with steady hand (can draw and hold a full goblet of ale without spilling!!!), married to an Earth Goddess and father of two divine and gorgeous boys, likes to smear paint across canvas, dig up old stones, watch sunsets and stare into fires, savour good strong dark ale and chewy red wine, appreciates a fine woman's leg and curve, a hot curry and a good tex mex, a damn fine cup of coffee, a good book, pulp horror (esp Lovecraft) and sci fi, known to kill the odd dragon and rescue maidens, bit of a scouter and quite like camping under canvas(!), doesn't have much luck with slugs and runner beans, can put up a shelf and a brick wall. I have, since doing my little profile sketch, lost the beard and the hair is short ! Other than that - its me.....

Last.FM Milestones1st track: (06 Dec 2010)
Darxtar - Blue Frozen Flame
1000th track: (01 Feb 2011)
Alters - Mogę
2000th track: (17 Mar 2011)
The Orb - Earth (Gaia)
3000th track: (06 May 2011)
Dio - Dream Evil
4000th track: (24 Jun 2011)
Anathema - A Natural Disaster
5000th track: (26 Sep 2011)
SubArachnoid Space - Tucson
6000th track: (21 Nov 2011)
Vocokesh - Nothing Implied
7000th track: (09 Feb 2012)
System 7 - Manik Shamanik
8000th track: (29 May 2012)
Ozric Tentacles - Hidden Track 5
9000th track: (08 Oct 2012)
Entheogenic - Fellowship
10000th track: (11 Jan 2013)
Ozric Tentacles - Og-Ha-Be
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andymadden's top albums (overall) 1. Space Ritual - Otherworld (133)
2. Space Debris - Into The Sun (101)
3. Phreniac - The Gentle Essence of Phreniac (98)
4. Quantum Fantay - From Herzberg to Living Room (79)
5. Galacticka - Apocalypse Psychedelicka (75)
6. ici maintenants - Space And Time (74)
7. Vocokesh - Through The Smoke (70)
8. Astro Vandals - Demo 2004 (68) 9. Darxtar - We Came Too Late (65)
10. Vocokesh - The Tenth Corner (64)
11. Talis - Cities (64)
12. New Layer - Midi Space (64) 13. Floorian - what the buzzing (60)
14. Eat Static - Back to Earth... (59)
15. Sh'mantra - Formula Orange (58)
16. Ozric Tentacles - Wasps & Moths (58) 17. Farflung - So Many Minds, So Little Time (56)
18. Hawkwind, Alan Davey, Friends & Relations - The Elf & the Hawk (53)
19. Various Artists - Electric Milkandhoneyland (51) 20. Melodic Energy Commission - Time is a Slippery Concept (48)

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