• Porcupine Tree

    10 apr 2008, 04:40

    Ok, this is just an e-mail that I sent to my brother some weeks ago (actually, it was in portuguese). It is not something I've written to post here, so don't expect to be "something".

    "After listening to Porcupine Tree for a while, I can tell you that within the present progressive universe, including classic bands like Yes, Rush, ELP, King Crimson, going through the Neo prog like Marillion, through the Prog Metal like DT, Symphony X, etc, and through extreme things like Opeth, Porcupine Tree is the most relevant prog band nowadays. Taking chances, with fucking awesome lyrics, without comercial concessions. My thumbs up, it is not usual when any band tries to do something important and original (Queensryche used to)."

    I couldn't be more sincere. (period)
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  • Queensrÿche Tour

    3 apr 2008, 20:34

    F*ck... I can't believe I'm writing a blog post. It's been such a long time. Well, since this place's about music, let's talk about it. I'm listening to some Ryche right now and "The Killing Words" is on. Just the thought of listening to this song live gives me goosebumps. I've grown on Ryche, and they'll be in Brazil in one month. I intend to attend 2 of their 3 brazilian concerts... They say dreams come true. I agree. I've seen DT(the whole brazilian tour, amazing trip through my beautiful country), Maiden and their fantastic set-list, I'm going to see Ryche, Whitesnake once again. They say dreams come true, and they really do. Life can be good, you know?

    P.S.: The Emperor is the man... São Paulinos must know what I'm talking about... ;)

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