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Fela KutiEverything Scatter 2 timmar sedan
Fela KutiWater No Get Enemy 3 timmar sedan
Guru GuruGirl Call 3 timmar sedan
Guru GuruStone In 3 timmar sedan
Guru GuruStarway 3 timmar sedan
Blanche Blanche BlancheResults 3 timmar sedan
Blanche Blanche BlancheWink With Both Eyes 3 timmar sedan
Blanche Blanche BlancheCrowd Noise 3 timmar sedan
Blanche Blanche BlancheFireworks 3 timmar sedan
Blanche Blanche BlancheRunny Day 3 timmar sedan
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  • louis_plt

    Hyper bien Seahorse Hunter!

    26 jul 22:20 Svara
  • karatte

    Oh yeah, My favorite Can's Album is Tago Mago!! :D

    19 jul 12:00 Svara
  • Ashbad

    No problem, enjoy! (: And thanks!

    17 jul 01:37 Svara
  • Ashbad

    in response to your question about the residents: Go chronologically, most of their stuff is concept-based and it's also imperative you read up on the concept behind each album before listening honestly if you want to get the full context. Start with Meet the Residents, then Not Available (they recorded it second but it wasn't released second), then Third Reich n' Roll and then just go chronological from there

    16 jul 05:10 Svara
  • piente

    je te recommande ce groupe! en ce qui concerne la compatibilité, j'y travaille déjà :)

    15 jul 20:13 Svara
  • karatte

    Sorry I speak English only a little... I like Can!! You listen 『Landed』 ^^

    13 jul 14:52 Svara
  • karatte

    Oh Residents! Meet the Residents (1st) or Commercial Album or Eskimo...

    13 jul 13:42 Svara
  • karatte

    thx for the add :D

    12 jul 08:48 Svara
  • piente

    merci! je peux en dire tout autant de la tienne :)

    11 jul 23:21 Svara
  • Cylob

    Quite agree, I try to raise awareness often! Incidentally, there are plenty of more such lists at MAC (where we compiled the Abstract Pop one). When I say plenty, I mean gazillions.

    10 jul 14:20 Svara
  • Cylob

    There's a whole universe of delight in that 'Abstract Pop'! It's not an official genre, but should be. I may write to my Member of Parliament.

    9 jul 20:59 Svara
  • DDDDDDazrovia

    Et ils ont quoi mes goûts musicaux ? En quel droit pouvez vous dire que Serge Gainsbourg est plus élevé musicalement que Kaaris ? Et aussi que vos goûts musicaux sont meilleur que les miens ?

    6 jul 12:06 Svara
  • DDDDDDazrovia

    Je ne vois pas le rapport entre les deux artistes mais merci de votre intervention.

    6 jul 11:47 Svara
  • adam_wrong

    aaah lovely. i really need to listen to Slowdive more. blue skies and yellow fields go so well together. the gif is from, what is possibly my favorite movie ever, Mind Game, well anyway, it has changed my life, and i almost feel like it's an understatement of the impact it had. and it seems to echo on of my favorite paintings, Le Faux Miroir by Magritte. et pourquoi est ce que je te parle anglais alors que tu es française, je ne sais pas.

    1 jul 07:37 Svara
  • adam_wrong

    oh hello Maya Deren

    30 jun 14:00 Svara
  • Beojiko

    It's a place to showcase the accomplishments of heterosexual white men

    28 jun 19:06 Svara
  • SillyRabbitStew

    Hello hello!

    20 jun 08:19 Svara
  • karlberenger

    salut merci

    17 jun 10:24 Svara
  • SolidFox

    i heard your song lightfoot, it is super nice

    16 jun 20:40 Svara
  • Frenchgirlss

    Thank you! same to you. I've noticed you have been listening to The Soundcarriers and i have been listening to them a lot these past few days. I look forward to sharing music with you in the future :-)

    16 jun 18:52 Svara
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