Lyrics Quiz: Talk Without Speaking


19 sep 2007, 04:05

It's that time again, apparently. Another lyrics quiz based on some of my favourite songs. First lines not guaranteed, one band appears twice.

Jan had told him many times, "It's you to me who taught,
In Jersey anything's legal, as long as you don't get caught."

And if I seem to act unkind
It's only me, it's not my mind that is confusing things

I Want to Tell You

With my ego in my gut, my babbling mouth would wash it up
(But now I've started learning how); I keep it shut

I want to love, but it comes out wrong
I want to live, but I don't belong

Is it an horrific dream, am I sinking fast
Could a person be so mean as to laugh and laugh

The Hurting

She walks through the streets with her eyes painted red
Under black belly of cloud in the rain

Running to Stand Still

And you know for a million years he has been your lover
He'll be a million more


Take me by the hand and walk me to the end of the pier
Run your fingers through my hair as you tell me what I want to hear


I'd do anything for you, I'd stand out in the rain
Anything you want me to do, don't let it slip away

Anyone in his right mind would tell it to go away
But the river of dread runs deep, full of unspeakable things

Dirty Creature

Someday Mother will die and I'll get the money
Mom leans down and says, "My sentiments exactly."

I won't use words again, they don't mean what I meant, they don't say what I said
They're just the crust of the meaning with realms underneath

Now every time you see a baby carriage
You curse the years you have avoided marriage

Biological Time Bomb

I'm punch drunk, you're such a dirty fighter
You try to massacre my schoolboy dreams

Below The Belt

There are scenes, there are blues, there are boots, there are shoes
There are Turks, there are fools, they're in lockers, they're in schools

Third Uncle

Now my life has changed in oh so many ways
My independence seems to vanish in a haze


No we've never been away from here
So we'll try to lose ourselves again

Their response it didn't thrill us
They locked the doors and tried to kill us

The Saga Begins

You've got something to say, you say it to my face and be a man about it
You got a problem with me, don't go behind my back just like a baby

You can call me on my cellphone, you can page me all night long
But you won't catch this free bird, I'll already be long gone

Steve McQueen

For God's sake why am I driving in the wrong lane
Trouble is my middle name but in the end I'm not too bad

All we have to do now is take these lies and make them true somehow
All you have to see is that I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me

Freedom 90

There is no need to remind me, no way I could forget
We fell in love, and then fell out; both times there was no net

The Beatles
Brian Eno
Chantal Kreviazuk
Christine Lavin
George Michael
Kate Bush
Loudon Wainwright III
Sheryl Crow
The Smithereens
Split Enz
Suzanne Vega
Tears for Fears
The The
They Might Be Giants
Tim Finn
Traveling Wilburys
Weird Al Yankovic


  • mdroel20

    16. The Beatles - Help! 18. Weird Al Yankovic - The Saga Begins

    20 sep 2007, 19:57
  • KhanadaRhodes

    5. Tears For Fears: The Hurting 6. U2: Running To Stand Still 8. Sade: The Sweetest Taboo 10. Split Enz: Dirty Creature!!! 14. Tim Finn: Below The Belt 20. Sheryl Crow: Steve McQueen 22. George Michael: Freedom '90

    23 sep 2007, 03:03
  • alfvaen

    mdroel20: Both correct. KhanadaRhodes: Almost all correct, but I'm afraid that #8 is not The Sweetest Taboo, sorry. I see that you're also a big fan of Dirty Creature; it's really been growing on me the last few years.

    23 sep 2007, 17:10
  • sophietgallin

    8. The The - Infected.

    25 sep 2007, 08:17
  • JoeIsListening

    7. XTC - Greenman 15. Brian Eno - Third Uncle

    28 sep 2007, 12:54
  • alfvaen

    Ayuh, those three're all correct. (I totally had to look the Third Uncle lyrics, because I always have trouble figuring out exactly what he's saying.)

    4 okt 2007, 14:29
  • navonodq

    2. The Beatles - I Want to Tell You annnnd yeah... that's all I've got.

    13 okt 2007, 07:21
  • alfvaen

    Well, at least that one's right...

    19 okt 2007, 02:59
  • kiareseraphim

    #13 is biological time bomb-christine lavin.

    8 nov 2007, 04:38
  • alfvaen

    Sorry for the delay in response; I've been NaNoWriMoing. Yes, you are correct.

    23 nov 2007, 03:04
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