• Via Audio @ Jammin' Java

    8 apr 2010, 05:24

    Wed 7 Apr – The Spring Standards + Via Audio + Paper Bird

    I loved it. One of my friends was absolutely taken with Paper Bird, I thought they were pretty good. I wouldn't necessarily seek out their music, but I enjoyed the performance. Anyways, Via Audio was amazing. I wish that their set had been longer, but it was really nice to meet 3/4 of the band at the merch table. I didn't get to stay past 2-3 songs of The Spring Standards, unfortunately. The Via Audio set list, off the top of my head:

    Summer Stars
    "come say goodbye, come say goodbye"
    "and if you..."
    Oh Blah Wee
    Too Quiet
    Lizard Song

    these are mostly in order, but for some I just have snippets of the lyrics, as I can remember them.
  • No Doubt & the Sounds & paramore

    15 jun 2009, 16:41

    Sun 14 Jun – No Doubt, Paramore, The Sounds

    The Sounds were pretty good, I wish the screens were on when they played, but I guess they were waiting until it got dark..

    Paramore was pretty terrible

    No Doubt was amazing and I was totally waiting to hear Rock Steady, which they busted out near the end after a costume change. The drummer stole the show with his random changes throughout, adding a fake mustaches, losing his pants, adding a tutu. Covering Adam Ant was fantastic and I had a lovely time overall.

    This video overall has the best sound so far

    This fratty asshole was pushing everyone in the crowd on the way out and yelling that "THERE'S NO BEER HERE EVERYONE BE CALM I WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS SITUATION NO BEEEEEER"
    He got yanked out pretty quick.

    I thought I would die in the parking lot, but that's normal for Nissan Pavilion. We chilled with the car turned off with the windows & our seats down for about half an hour, listening to random snippets of conversation and waiting to leave the lot. Finally we left and on one of the left turns, there was a giant screech of brakes & someone behind me totally got tapped. The person behind the accident just swerved to the right & got in front of it, I hope the huge police presence helped the people in the accident.
  • Negativity.. numbah 2

    4 dec 2008, 23:18

    So I felt the need to update this. yeah!

    Be negative about your Top 20.

    1. Say Anything
    OMFG perverts. And phone sex with a minor? You're fucking 24, Bemis.. grow up.

    2. Death Cab for Cutie
    Fucking 7 minute long intros?

    3. Ben Folds
    OK so I get the whole nerd!piano!rock but can't you branch out?
    (jk ilubb and i can't wait to see you in concert again)

    4.Julia Nunes

    5.The Beatles
    Stop being so fucking dead. I expect a new single by next week.

    6. Weezer
    Why is only one member famous?

    7. Motion City Soundtrack
    Cut your hair, hippies! And I expect a full album of songs like Antonia by the end of 2009. Get on it, you slackers

    8. Muse
    You LET SMEYER USE YOUR SONGS? Now all the fucking Twihards on campus blast this.. ruining good music.

    9.Jason Mraz
    What the fuck? Go back to your roots. You've become so lame.

    10. The Hush Sound
    I stopped listening to y'all when I found out someone I am not a fan of totally fucking loves you.. sorry, it's just a bad association.

    Maybe mix it up on the vocals? and write songs about different things..?

    12. Sondre Lerche
    OK So maybe I haven't been listening to my bff sondre in a while.. but it's easy to get sick of acoustic music, no matter how beautiful the voice.

    13. The Academy Is...
    Urgh. I feel like I can't see you live because your fans are annoying 12 year olds.

    14.The Mighty Boosh

    15.Foo Fighters
    Um. Stop being sold out everywhere.. and why did my brother get to see you when I didn't?

    16. Vampire Weekend

    You don't have to be super trendy hipster trash all of the time. And Blake's Got A New Face sucks balls.

    17.The Bird and the Bee
    Annoying vocals.. I can only listen for 1/2 a song, if that. And bad associations with overplay at Victoria's Secret.

    18. Incubus
    Can we get a new album/tour anytime soon?

    19.Brad Neely

    20. Cartel
    So.. I only liked your first album.. that's a bit shitty. Even though I loved every song on the first album (Chroma), that doesn't excuse you for the second album (Cartel)'s mediocrity
  • Negativity, sweetheart.

    12 dec 2007, 20:16

    Be negative about your Top 20. (I struggled with this)

    1. The Academy Is...
    I hate the slow songs about 90% of the time. And I feel as though I've wasted like 20 billion hours of my life watching TAITV.

    2. Cobra Starship
    I've started to hate Gabe Saporta.

    3. Muse
    I'm still getting used to some of the weirdness/operatic tendencies of a few songs.

    4. Sherwood
    I've only listened to 10/32 songs that I have from this band. I've listened so much that I'm kind of choking on the catchy music now.

    5. Fiona Apple
    Every song is about love, but none of the are love songs.

    6. Regina Spektor
    Sometimes she gets a little... too ambitious with a note and its bendiness.

    7. Snow Patrol
    I hate your singles.

    8. Death Cab for Cutie
    I can't hate on DCFC. Sorry.

    9. Gym Class Heroes
    I can only listen to this band for one song.

    10. The Whomping Willows
    Too much tree innuendo makes me feel sad.

    11. Paramore
    I only like old you.

    12. The White Stripes
    Erm. Occasionally creepy?

    13. Get Set Go
    I know nothing about the band.

    14. Feist
    Creepy jumpsuits much?

    15. Party Ben
    I can only listen to so many

    16. Jim Sturgess
    Same goes for Beatles covers.

    17. Jack's Mannequin
    You never write me anymore.. or come visit.

    18. Ben Lee
    TOO ENTHUSIASTIC. I don't want your disease.

    19. The Rocket Summer

    20. Spoon
    Repetition kills me sometimes.